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Do kids swear too much?

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    I was reading about a kid on another forum, an American kid who had a tendency to swear alot to get attention, I believe he also had ADHD, and he would sometimes act up by hurling fowl language about which he seemed to find amusing, the guy who was a friend of the kid said he found it quit embarassing that he had to put up with the disapproving stares and that the other kids parents did nothing about it in fact they seemed to find it amusing. Anyway not a week later I was in precisely the same situation with a kid on the bus who was hurling around the most obnoxious language he was around 8 and the language was filthy.

    Anyway my point is, long story short, do kids in general swear too much these days? I know I can sometimes use a few choice words but it's usually when I know those I'm with won't take offence? What do you think?
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    One of the most depressing sights/sounds i heard was when this one girl probably 8 years old was walken by our house. She sees 2 of her friends i guess across the street... adn they start cussing at eachother. "You motherf***** b****!", a few other words.... etc etc.... sickening....
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    I don't know what the **** you're talking about.

    I tend to be pretty profane is casual company I guess, but not in more 'proper' company. As far as I can tell, my brothers are less profane than I was, although maybe I'm old enough that I'm considered proper company. Growing up, we would have gotten beaten or had our mouths washed out with soap if we let our mouths run wild. Which isn't to say we didn't, just we were careful about who was in earshot.
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    ADHD doesn't mean you swear a lot. (Nevermind the fact I think ADHD is absolute BS)

    As for your question, Some do, some don't. Its too general a question to have an exact answer to.
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    Do kids also seem to be all too unaware of the value of decent puctuation ? :biggrin:
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    I was in a hurry this morning and I didn't have time to edit it very well. You should be thankful it's vaguely spealt write, I can't do punctuation or spelling at all well. and never have been able to. Sorry :frown: :wink:

    Anyway I'm 33 so I'm not really a kid, I'm just dyslexic.

    D'you know though I never get tired of pointing this out, even if it does happen about twice a week :wink::biggrin: Which is why I scream alot when I see forums without spell checkers or grammar checkers, because I know, just know that I'll be spending alot of time writing apologies like this one for being illiterate.:smile:
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    There were these little girls on my schoolbus that would go around calling thier parents and grandparents filthy names.....man those kids had a mouth on them. They never got in trouble for it either, so naturally they just kept doing it, they were such brats.
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    It's self-defeating

    Cussing for shock value is only useful when used sparingly. Otherwise, the shock value wears off.

    Notably, words apparently tend to become progressively less and less polite over time, so that we're always cobbling up new euphemisms for things. For example, that infamous four-letter word that starts with f was once probably suitable for use in polite company.
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    Yes that's true but I have a friend that swear's alot and has ADHD(maybe it's him:bugeye:)
    I think they start swear alot during middle/school puberity it's very hard time for them and they seem to think it's cool to swear.
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    Yes, kids swear too much. Surprisingly (at least to me), girls are even worse than boys. In fact, neither one of my boys swears (at home, at least), while we've had to say something to both our girls for their language.

    Youth soccer players swear too much, too. Once again, the girls are worse, although the only youth player I actually red carded for language was a boy (He told me to kiss his @$$ - not a smart move).

    - Funny story about adult players swearing. I refereed a game where one of the teams was Hispanic and I don't speak Spanish well enough to pick up all the words at normal speaking speed. One of the Hispanic players probably said something offensive to one of his opponents who could understand Spanish better than me. Problem was, that player could only speak Spanish so slowly and so distinctly enough that even I could understand what he said (you should never say something like that about someone's mother). I pull him over to card him and he's trying to explain, but kind of rambling - saying the Hispanic player said something to him in Spanish, so he said something back in Spanish. At that point I started laughing, so I could only give him yellow card (it's really bad technique to laugh at a player while you're red carding them) and tell him, "Yeah, but you take too long to say what you have to say" - besides, I'm pretty sure the Hispanic player was equally offensive, but just able to speak faster.
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    i swore loads as a kid for shock value i guess. cause it was cool. felt older... nowadays, i don't swear much at all.. cept that its fun to say f*** over and over. i get in f*** kinda moods.

    uh... anyway... kids just wanna seem grown up. i think if kids today swear more, then its because adults do.
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    and it's funny because it makes them seem more like babies
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    It doesn't shock me to see teens swearing a lot when their parents aren't around. I think that's a short-lived phase a lot of people go through when testing out their independence. It seems more of a problem when it's younger children or when the parents don't do anything to stop it.

    The last encounter I had with a foul-mouthed young child was my step-sister's son. It was ages ago. Our other step-sister (she's a step-sister to both of us...don't even ask...it's too complicated) and I were watching him and he started sassing back and cussing (he was generally a brat as it was because his mother just did not discipline him properly at all), so my other step-sister marched him into the bathroom, lined up all the soaps she had, and told him to pick a flavor. :devil: He never cussed in our presence again. The good, old fashioned remedies still work best it seems. :biggrin:
  15. Apr 21, 2006 #14
    My mom washed my mouth out with soap once and I now think that that was abuse! Ha! My kids don't cuss, at least that I am aware of. I use to give them money each time us grown ups cussed. $5.00 for the F word! We don't pay anymore, but then again we don't cuss around them much anymore.
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    I think it depends how the cussing occurs.

    I never cuss for communication with other people.

    The only time I cuss is when something messed up happens like I'm carrying a lot of books and I'm in a hurry to class and then I drop them all. Then I just go "F....", with no exclamation mark.
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