Do magnetic rings work?

  1. EDIT: don't click on this hillariously dumb man's invention. Explanation at end of thread.
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  3. Of course they do not "work".

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    A magnetic ring is a magnet you wear (like a dumbass) on your finger. It does nothing other than act like a fridge magnetic.
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  4. Greg Bernhardt

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    Bigtime scam. They have the q-bracelet infomercial and I just cry at all the people buying it.
  5. :( hm... any of you guys know people who have something similar? the website "claims" to have been around since 1989 and have many proven testimonials.

    but then of course there's a lot of those going around on tv.

    if you guys wanna try, there's free instructions on the website on how to make one. i'm trying it as i speak.

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  6. russ_watters

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    A coupld of things: The WWW was released in 1991.

    Eternal life doesn't seem to apply to that website - its down. If you're just here hocking your website, you may want to get it back running again...

    And like refrigerator magnets, the fields on the magnets people wear aren't strong enough to reach through your skin or even a piece of cloth (like if the magnet is part of a cloth bracelet).
  7. The only way to prove this "works" is to live forever and study someone wearing the ring. Any volunteers? Its a tough job, unless you're a vampire. \
  8. Re: Re: Do magnetic rings work?

    I'll have to see. His stuff is quite pricey. I trying it anyway as an experiment. I don't think I'm gonna pay $25 for two rings.
  9. Did anyone else notice the affliliate tag in that link?


    Spamming = bad
    Alex Chiu = haliriously dumb man
  10. Desperate people will do many stupid things...
  11. i better edit that out.
  12. Of course they work!

    They transfer money from the buyer to the seller, that's what they're supposed to do.
  13. Egads! Those things are an Insult to real science. So that I might criticize them better, I once read the explanation for them on some Internet site. It was to say the least total nonsense.
  14. i have enough to get the rings. i'll post a follow up on how things "go". i'll be back...
  15. russ_watters

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  16. :-( i dunno. we'll see. i'll keep updating.
  17. Dude. Putting them on isn't going to look like a scene out of a highlander movie. You're wearing a damn fridge magnet. Most likely you'll look like a dumbass.
  18. actualy putting one on can be very hazordos...there can only be one highlander
  19. russ_watters

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    Don't sweat it - I'm a benevolent highlander.
  20. it is going to take me a while to have soem kinda of a comebakc comment on that i need to watch highlander all i know is there are these immortal guys with a head cutting fetish

    oh and their cna only be ONE!
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