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Do magnetic rings work?

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    EDIT: don't click on this hillariously dumb man's invention. Explanation at end of thread.
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    Of course they do not "work".

    This post should be in the mystic section, please move it.

    A magnetic ring is a magnet you wear (like a dumbass) on your finger. It does nothing other than act like a fridge magnetic.
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    Bigtime scam. They have the q-bracelet infomercial and I just cry at all the people buying it.
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    :( hm... any of you guys know people who have something similar? the website "claims" to have been around since 1989 and have many proven testimonials.

    but then of course there's a lot of those going around on tv.

    if you guys wanna try, there's free instructions on the website on how to make one. i'm trying it as i speak. http://www.alexchiu.com/eternallife/makerin2.htm

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    A coupld of things: The WWW was released in 1991.

    Eternal life doesn't seem to apply to that website - its down. If you're just here hocking your website, you may want to get it back running again...

    And like refrigerator magnets, the fields on the magnets people wear aren't strong enough to reach through your skin or even a piece of cloth (like if the magnet is part of a cloth bracelet).
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    The only way to prove this "works" is to live forever and study someone wearing the ring. Any volunteers? Its a tough job, unless you're a vampire. \
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    Re: Re: Do magnetic rings work?

    I'll have to see. His stuff is quite pricey. I trying it anyway as an experiment. I don't think I'm gonna pay $25 for two rings.
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    Did anyone else notice the affliliate tag in that link?


    Spamming = bad
    Alex Chiu = haliriously dumb man
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    Desperate people will do many stupid things...
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    i better edit that out.
  12. Jul 5, 2003 #11
    Of course they work!

    They transfer money from the buyer to the seller, that's what they're supposed to do.
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  14. Jul 8, 2003 #13
    Egads! Those things are an Insult to real science. So that I might criticize them better, I once read the explanation for them on some Internet site. It was to say the least total nonsense.
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    i have enough to get the rings. i'll post a follow up on how things "go". i'll be back...
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    ....in 110 years?
  17. Jul 9, 2003 #16
    :-( i dunno. we'll see. i'll keep updating.
  18. Jul 9, 2003 #17
    Dude. Putting them on isn't going to look like a scene out of a highlander movie. You're wearing a damn fridge magnet. Most likely you'll look like a dumbass.
  19. Jul 10, 2003 #18
    actualy putting one on can be very hazordos...there can only be one highlander
  20. Jul 11, 2003 #19


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    Don't sweat it - I'm a benevolent highlander.
  21. Jul 12, 2003 #20
    it is going to take me a while to have soem kinda of a comebakc comment on that i need to watch highlander all i know is there are these immortal guys with a head cutting fetish

    oh and their cna only be ONE!
  22. Jul 20, 2003 #21


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    It wouldn't be quite so laughable if the web-site didn't say that it allows you to live forever. Maybe if it said something about stretching your life by a few years or something.

    Here's something to think about:

    Suppose the device really DOES make you live forever. (Personally I don't think so) They would be better off advertising it as less than what it really is since immortality is so foreign to us. It would be like jumping from DOS to Windows. Alot of people couldn't believe that Windows would accomplish everything that DOS did. The people pushing the rings would be better of without the immortality thing. It makes it look TOTALLY stupid as opposed to JUST PLAIN stupid.
  23. Jul 27, 2003 #22
    ROFL, proven testimonials ? im sorry if this has been posted, i didnt read it all :P

    what do these proven testimonials say ?

    "i bought one of these magnet rings, and im still alive today" - cindy, 22

    "my husband bought me an eternal life rings for my birthday, and i havent ben dead since!" - jill, 35!

    ROFL, everyone it didnt work for is DEAD! so you cant exactly disprove it

    what a silly thread :)
  24. Jul 31, 2003 #23

    The fact that you all are even talking about this makes me want to tear my face off! I read a few pages from his theory of evolution and couldn't stand to finish it. I tell you, I've crapped better ideas!!!!
  25. Apr 6, 2004 #24
    Okay, it's been a while since I last posted here. Good thing you guys didn't click on the link because this guy is one big time scammer. I requested the rings be sent and guess what, no rings. I emailed this guy at webmaster@alexchiu.com and no answer. 3x I emailed with the same message. When I call this dude, he tries to evade me.


    I probably learned my lesson the hard way... I feel shameful. :mad:

    I wonder how the people who actually paid for this feel...
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  26. May 2, 2007 #25
    neodymium rings - my personal experience

    Ok guys

    i have read all your comments and I have to say most are fairly poor logic and most ahve hardly even considered the possiblity that these things might work to some degree. Ok, the guy shouldnt have called them immortality rings, thats just silly and as such he has put a lot of people off from making their own and giving them a try...
    Just a few comments regarding some of your comments:
    I bought a pair of these rings over two years ago now:
    These are nothing like fridge magnets, to compare them to fridge magnets is just stupid and unscientific... fridge magnets are barely strong enough to stick to a fridge and often fall off at the slightest bump. If u attached one of these rings to the fridge, you would need a screwdriver or something to pry it off the fridge, i know as i just tried it!
    These rings use neodymium and/or very strong rare-earth magnets, the neodymiums are 21,000 gauss, 21x stronger than the rare earth ones which are many times stronger than a fridge magnet which would be more like 10 gauss...
    The magnetic field most definately penetrates the flesh/skin etc, the field off these magnets is storng enough to pass right through the finger to the other side, which is why it works, it creates/stimulates a flow of chi which enhances the bodies natural electro-biochemical circuit.
    Every cell in our body contains material that reacts to magnetic fields, long-chain liquid crystal dipoles are throughout the human body... and very sensitive to magnetic fields...

    So anyway what I can confirm from repeated use of these rings are the following: I have had months where i have used the rings one a week, sometimes every day and sometimes not used them for over a month.. at times i was skeptical of the benifits BUT I have been able to determine with no doubt in my mind the following info which is very telling and suggests that these rings may well have life enhancing effects:

    -Need less sleep, sleep more soundly, remember dreams, wake up feeling refreshed and alert.
    Whenever I wear the rings I always only need about 4-5 hours sleep, this is awesome if ive had a late night and dont get to bed to 3am, it doesnt matter, i wake up at 7 or 8 feeling like ive had 8-10 hours sleep!

    -Circulation, ive always had cirulation problems with coldness at extremities and temperature regulation problems (low serotonin levels).. not anymore!

    -Hydration, probably the most dramatic change ive noticed is my skin, im 37 years old and id noticed that in the last few years my skin was starting to dry out and wrinkles where getting more predominant, i just figured it was aging and nothing i could do about it... i would look at the pores on the back of my hand and see fine lines of cracking in my skin and basically I could see i was drying up, also my feet getting dry and cracked, also the skin on my face was drying up, mostly under the eyes and forehead, my forehead felt dry and rough... well i tell you just wear these rings for one night only and the next morning all the skin in hydrated, its amazing! my forehead is now smooth and silky like a younger guys, i had 3 distinctive lines on my forehead, now i have just two and its getting smoother every month, the skin around my eyes feel fresh and smoother than they have in 10 years....
    ...now to prove a point to myself over the last two years I have stopped using the rings a number of times and within a week or so the dryness of skin and "old age" starts to slowly return... for example just 2 days ago I hadnt used the rings in weeks and had kinda forgotten about them, just wasnt using them and my skin was rough and dry as it used to be, I used the rings for one night, and bingo the next day (today) its nice and smooth again, i ahve done this several times in the past and its always the same result... this is an important clue to me that these things work as far as making it easier for the body to hydrate, circulate, and repair tissue...
    Im 37 and i feel better than i did when i was 21 !, that probaly because i didnt look after myself back then and was always getting colds etc and used to drink and go out a lot more back then... however I havnt had a cold or flu or ANY kind of illness in the last two years... coincidence? i doubt it.. all my friends get the usual bouts of flus and sniffs and colds every few months, but me NOTHING... i dont think its just the rings, ive made a few changes, i dont drink alcohol anymore, i very rarely eat meat and I eat lots of good fresh food and NO fast food anymore, always cook with olive oil etc and avoid dodgy chemicals like nutrasweet etc...
    Anyway my conclusion is that these rings definately work, regardless of Alex Chius poor website and strange way of describing these rings, i feel he has stumbled onto something... in the history he says he experimented with different polarities and different fingers etc until he found what worked and that is why i think it works... he got the right position and polarity to create an enhanced body chi circuit. And even if u dont belive in chi energy, i feel that other functions related to circulation and enhanced cellular structure and inter-cellular biochemical communication is also enhanced...
    So to conclude: High power magnets do work on the human body in the right configuration, im certain of it, if u dont believe it try it yourself, BUT do it right, use strong magnets, get the polarity right (or u might cause harm by forcing flow in the wrong direction), and see for yourself... it works for me! and i was a skeptic at first...


    ps: yes my rings did arrive in the mail when I ordered them 2 years back, so no it is not a scam as some claim... it took about 4 weeks from USA to NZ
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