Do Monitors Ruin Eyesight?

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Ok, so I need this to be cleared up. I've been using 40 contrast/brightness on a CTR monitor. I used to have it to something really bright and my eyes would start to hurt after a while, when I toned it down (a lot) it really helped. But, if you went outside, it's really bright theres a lot more photons hitting your eyes. But I also thought about like some spot where there's a lot light then everywhere else is a lot darker.

Do monitors ruin eyesight? :confused:
I've heard that staring at a monitor (Tv or otherwise) for too long lots can have a bad effect on your eyesight. Perhaps people should wear special goggles/eyewear or something to prevent/decrease that from happening (When using a computer, tv, etc)

Just a thought? I mean keep in mind it's likely that more and more people will be using computers,more and more...
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I do not think that there any reason to believe that monitors ruin eyesight. Here is a link to a review article about the effect of using screen based equipment on the eyes.
Do video display units cause visual problems? - a bedside story about the processes of public health decision-making.

Here is a quote from page 217 of the linked article:
...After three decades of extensive use of SBE [Screen-Based Equipment] in the workplace and several surveys of the ocular health of SBE users, including one six-year prospective survey, there is no credible evidence that they cause cataract or other eye disorders...
Take this as a personal anecdote, but I'm short sighted and my eyes become worse during the exam period.. every exam period! I don't think its because of anything specific like TV or a computer monitor, but staring at anything in close range for long periods of time. It's probably genetic as well.

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