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Do physical events occur with greater frequency because a person thinks

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    This was originally going to be posted in the Quazimotosciences section but... the topic has elements that require philosophical views and really contains questions of philosophical and physical natures.

    My hypothesis concerning manifestation is still manifesting.

    I want to come at the subject tableau blanc... but, for me, it is impossible because I have studied manifestation under the guidence and by studying the work of Stuart Wilde.

    Wilde's main position concerning manifestation is that it all starts with a thought form or the idea of a condition, in one's mind, then, from there progresses into a physical actuallity.

    Like actualizing a thought. The thought often becomes a physcial reality in real time.

    The questions concerning this progression are as follows.

    a.) Do physical events occur with greater frequency because a person thinks they will happen? Or........ because the person has been made more aware of a specific physical phenomenon and as a result they notice it more often in this awareness?

    b.) Do past experiences and conditions build an expectation in the mind of a person that attracts the person to similar conditions and experiences? Or... do the thoughts and expectations of the person manifest the physical counterpart of those thoughts and ideas?

    There are examples that uphold an affirmative answer to any of the above relationships.

    Example 1

    I want a specific Volvo. I look for the specific Volvo in the papers and the autotrader and online. The special Volvo is driving me nuts, I want it so bad. Then I go and drive my rusting K Car with the view of the road throught the floor around town.

    Before I knew I wanted a special Volvo I didn't see any on the road. There was perhaps one per month that I would see go by... I would pay only a small amount of attention to it because I still liked my K Car and the view of the blurred concrete below.

    But, now that I have concentrated so heavily on the super Volvo... I'm seeing about 15 per day. What's going on in this scenario? Is it my heightened awareness of the special Volvo? Have I attracted that particular bit of engineering, design, Swedishness... etc... to me by thinking about the car? Or... am I sub-consciously driving in areas where there are more of the special Volvo's... sub-consciously placating my desire to be proxy to them, look at them and eventually drive one?

    (More examples later)
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    manifestation diagram

    Consider the animated gif at the address below as a diagram of manifestation.

    The yellow portions are thoughts... or intentions.

    The green portions are the physical actualizations of the yellow intentions.

    Where the shape of the thoughts go (yellow)... the shape of the physical reality (green) is manifested.

    (Much like this: I think about hiking in the Sierras: the thought gives rise to the physical preparations for the hike. The preparations create a momentum toward the goal of the hike.

    The thought is actualized, physically, as a hike in the Sierras.)

    http://www.chaos.cornell.edu/Homepagepictures/span_icon.gif [Broken]
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    Re: Manifestation

    I would say that this is nore an issue of perception. You have daily so many perceptions, they are not all drawn to your attention, although they get stored in your brain somewhere.
    Now when you are actively doing something with some aspect, for instance buying a Volvo, this has brought it from unconsciousness to consiouesness, and you will typically be more aware of it as otherwise.
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    Mentat, Heusdens.

    I can see that what is proposed in most theories and manifestos of manifestation is that the mind creates all matter and situations.

    Its all about "what came first... the chicken or the egg?" reasoning.

    What I am proposing is that the sequence of events in manifestation are not exactly as logical as all that. Its more convoluted... not linear.

    A thought can become a physical condition...
    a physical condition becomes a thought.

    (neurophysiologically speaking a thought and a consciousness ARE physical conditions respectively)

    Which reminds me to thank FZ+ and his FORM AND ESSENCE thread for inspiring and kickstarting this thread! Thank you FZ+.)

    What we (sort of) know is that all matter/energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

    Therefore all physical conditions and arrangements are merely re-arrangements of existing matter and energy.

    These re-arrangements are what we call physical situations.
    a.) Like the hike in the mountains.

    b.) A big pile of money.

    c.) A stack of gold bars... or

    d.) the situation of being a parent or

    e.) a short order chef...

    These are all physical rearrangements of the existing energy available. We create......... or manifest........ them with our thoughts and resulting actions.

    This is the kind of Manifestations I am talking about.

    (I imagine there are slight variations to this scematic when we introduce the "strange attractors" of the un-conscous or sub-conscious motivations concerning manifestation.)
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