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B Do stars precess?

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    I read that part of the planet 9 claim is that the planets orbit 6 degrees off from the rotation of the sun. Since we're we're made from the same disk, it should be the same.

    Isn't a simpler explaination for at least that claim that the sun itself simply turned? Don't all spinning object go through precession or are stars super stable? The sun probably was hit by proto-planets of various sizes in its early days, shouldn't that start it wobbling?
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    Pluto and other trans Neptune objects have orbits even more out of line with axis of the Sun's rotation.
    The most plausible explanation I have heard for this is the nearby passage of other stars in the past disturbing their orbits.
    Inner planets, whilst still affected would not be disturbed so much as the Sun's gravity is more predominant for them.
    This would have been several millions or billions of years ago though, so there there is no chance of identifying which stars could have been involved.
    They might not even be visible to us now anyway if the culprits are red dwarf stars, (which are by far the most numerous type of stars.
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