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Homework Help: Do these bond when

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    Why doesn't a metal plate bond to the crocodile clips (or whatever) when electricity is passed through the crocodile clips to the metal plate. Shouldn't the electrons passing from the metal plate, to the crocodile clips cause a covalent bond?

    Quick Diagram
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    Arn't crocodile chips metal as well?

    Metal doesn't covalently bond with metal. I don't think it'd even cause a bond. Maybe a magnetic attraction...
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    That's the point, the crocodile clips will be sharing electrons with the metal plate.
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    Those electrons are not in bonding orbitals.
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    Oh, I get it. Thanks

    I'm starting to doubt whether my chemistry teacher even has a GCSE in chemistry, he told me they would bond and this isn't the first time he has been wrong about something.
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