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Do u believe in God?

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    Hi, im new to this forum but just curious about wat ppl in this forum thinks about God, cos there are billions of religious ppl in the world.

    Personally i don't believe in God, cos i believe in evolution.
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    You know believing evolution and faith in religion are not mutually exclusive, it's perfetly ok to believe in both. Many biologists believe in god.

    I'm curious to know why you care what we think about religion?
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    hmm u didn't even answer my simple yes or no question :) but i guess i'll answer urs.

    I definitely don't believe in God or bible, i went to church for ages since i was very young, so i know bout stories in bible pretty well. However more i leant bout bible it just didn't make sense to me. Adam n Eve, Noah's Ark, 10 Commandments, Jonah n whale, etc, etc, i just couldn't believe in these bs stories even in my early teen. Therefore i might even consider religious ppl as ignorant n stupid. (no offence)
    n to answer ur question, since most of u guys have higher IQ than me, i was wondering if i was the stupid one..
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    It really doesn't matter what you believe or don't believe. Those are simply stories with a moral, they aren't real. Only fundamentalists believe they are, and those people are not grounded in reality.

    You are an atheist, well done. So am I. However don't bash religious people becuse they have faith in something, it's not clever to, it just makes you look like a cock to be honest.

    I'm in the camp that religion is a waste of time, but I don't go around insulting peple that do believe (apart from fundies, who are just wrong).
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    Just as xxChrisxx said, evolution and God are not exlusive.

    I believe in God and I also believe that evolution theory is true.

    Claiming that science and religion are in conflict is bad, both for religion and for science. Of course, there are some religions that are in contradiction with science, but they are minority. All "big" religions - christianity, judaism, islam, hinduism, buddhism are perfectly fine with science.
    However, if someone claims that belief and knowledge are incompatible, then many people believing in God will turn back from science. We see this tendency in many countries and this is bad for scientific progress.

    Religion and science are orthogonal. I don't like the atheists like Dawkins, that use science to spread their dogmas about supernatural world.
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    I believe in the not posting like a text message god.
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    I don't care what politically correctness people on these forums want to conform to but I'm gonna come out saying this. Most religions and science are INCOMPATIBLE. For instance Christianity and Evolution are NOT compatible. Not unless you manipulate the religion in such a way to get rid of the incompatibilities.

    Believing in God of course is outside of the scope of the sciences, as most people define God. So believing in God and using science are perfectly O.K.. However a belief in God does NOT mean a belief in religion. They are DIFFERENT and people better start understanding this soon cause it's really boring hearing all these apologetics about religion and how scientifically correct and compatible it is. Give it up already.
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    First of all I dont believe in God since I learnt from Science that such a thing is not there in the Universe.
    But I can't accept evolution and God are not exclusive (orthogonal). What is the basis for such a thinking? How can one believe two contradictory things at the same time. I think the God believers after learning Science just find a clever way to accept both. They often look for gap in Science and say there is a room for God still. As long as such people are not damaging Science it is not at all a problem.
    Note: I am a Hindu by birth and I say from my knowledge that my religion (Hinduism) is not compatible with Science and evolution.
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    Becuase noone exept fundies takes the bible literally. That's why there is room for both.

    Evolution is how we got here, no doubt. Doesn't stop god from being out there somewhere, sitting back and having a little relax does it? So if people wan't to believe in god, yet accept evolution is how we got to where we are.

    It only becomes contradictoy if you take biblical accounts literally, if you don't then it's possible that there is room for both.
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    Well since you're specifically speaking of Christianity (talking about biblical) then I'd love to hear your explaination of how you can 'not follow the bible' but 'still be a Christian'??? If you get rid of all the supernatural stories in the bible and you get rid of all the impossible. Then now a Christians beliefs are basically the same as mine (an atheist).

    Do good in life and help as many people as you can out along the way. Try to minimize the evil you do but hopefully when you do do evil it will be forgiven by those around you.

    As well, just to let you know Christian liberalism is a relatively new movement. It also doesn't have a great amount of followers.

    If people want to believe in god(s) and evolution that's perfectly acceptable. If they want to specifically believe in the Christian God and evolution, now we have problems. How can one reconcile the fact that God made us exactly how we are, at the exact same time as the majority of other life on this Earth? The only god that can logically be conceived with our scientific understandings of the world is a 'first mover/first cause' god. Nothing religious about that.
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