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Do we ever stop living?

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    Could the begining of entropy of a human, or any organism, exist below the DNA level of order? In other words, is it possible that not only DNA is structured to control what we do but also the atoms that make up the DNA or the particles that make up the atom? If so, what does this imply about life or death??
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    DNA is such structure as described. DNA is made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms which define what molecules they are. Of course the atoms, and thus parts of atoms, define DNA which defines the outcome of DNA as a phenotype.

    However, I don't understand what this "life or death" idea is, and how it has anything to do with your previous assertion, which is correct.

    Please explain further.

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    I'm sorry for the vagueness of that post I'll try and further the description of what I'm trying to say. What I'm asking is could there be life structures on an atomic scale or even below an atomic scale?
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    Life is a process. This process is a complex one. Hence, there need to be sufficient numbers parts to have this amount of complexity that life requires. Hence life requires a lot of interacting parts, a lot of complexity.

    I do not think that there are that many different parts below an atomic scale to produce this complexity.
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    You might find this interesting einsteinian77.

    The true nature of reality.
    http://www.think-aboutit.com/Spiritual/what_is_the_true_nature_of_reali.htm [Broken]
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    Heads up, thanks for that article it was extremely interesting and right on my train of thought.
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    first of all: we stop living when we die. (for example a flow to the back of the head with a large stone kills us)
    moving on: the atoms that make up the DNA are (obviously) what "constructed to control what we do" becuase it is quite simply WHAT MAKES UP THE DNA! (if you follow me)

    and also: you're use of the term entropy is nonsensical. entropy has to do with the temperature and disorder of a system. and it exists both above and below the "level of DNA" if by that you mean the chemicals and molecules that make up DNA.
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    sorry i didn't realize you thanked everyone and left! :smile:
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    I shouldn't even have posted this knowing now that Maximus has the definite answers to everything. Did you actually think about what im asking at all or did you just simply accept what you learnt in the past and repeated it to me in an arogant manner.
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    i'm sorry, but that's every close to what i did. i compared it to previously aquired knowledge, found it to be inconsistant and replied so. what your saying isn't 'wrong', it's just redundant.
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    and i most certainly do not claim that i have this! (i'll bet in a couple of minuets somebody will come in here and prove everything i said wrong!)
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    no need to apologize maximus your just being scientific and i thank you for that. By the way, i like your quote from Fight club it's one of my favorite movies
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    mine too.:wink:
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