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B Do we exist within a singularity

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    Now this is a good response. However what if the start and end and possible restart are included? Does time then become infinte and if so would the possibilitys be reset. So if the universe starts and ends over and over, surely the eventually it would have to produce a universe like ours with complex life? Also if the multiverse is to believed then the need to include the repetition is in nesseray as there would be an infinte amount of timelines
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    Also I presume time kind of would be infinte as the most held believe for the end of the universe is heat death, I guess all possibilitys at this point would drop to zero anyway
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    According to string theory and the holographic principle, it's possible that matter/information is located on the cosmological horizon, which describes the interior. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can chime in, this is a very interesting topic.
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    Thread locked for moderation.
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    This thread will stay locked. @benjamin1889: Please try to learn the actual science before you start wild speculations. These speculations don't help, they just lead to all sorts of misconceptions.
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