Do we have a SIXTH SENSE?

Not talking about M Night Shyamalan's Blockbuster but the real logic of having a "sixth" sense in our body.
Who in this world can prove its existence? But we have some evidences which indicate its presence. We sometimes see the future in our dreams, this has happened with me (I saw an myself in the jail in a dream (actually, a nightmare), and the next day, I was fined for driving (As i am under 18!)!

Does this prove that we have a sixth sense? I believe that incidents like this might have happened with you too.

But the question remains unanswered ::
Is there a sixth sense in our body?[\b]
Yes, we have a sixth sense, it is called balance and was a trait developped by our tree climbing ancestors that was retained to prevent us falling down when we began to walk on 2 legs.

We sense balance by detecting where fluids in the cochlea are.

If you dream about a plane crash on board a plane before it takes off then run out of the plane in a panicced frenzy, then the plane blows up in mid air after leaving you behind. That would not be a coincidence.

"I saw an myself in the jail in a dream and the next day, I was fined for driving."

This is slightly more likely to happen.

No such incidents have ever happenned to me. However I can create what seem like currents through the blood or neurons in my brain. This is not sueprnatural, any suggestion would be silly. Let's be rational.

there is no way to intellectually prove the existence of a sixth sense.

however, if you talk to people that have learned to meditate or listen to their inner self, you will get tons of anecdotal evidence. Because we can not measure our conciousness, we can not prove it exists. once again, we all know we are consciously aware of ourselves.

this sixth sense (and there may be more) is an atribute of consciousness. if you believe, you will expand your world. if not, you'll miss a lot of fun. not to mention, an additional tool for manipulating and/or creating your reality.

bottom line, if you believe there is more to life than our 4 demensions and 5 senses, you will be open minded enough to see new possibilities in your life. if you limit your observations, you limit your possibilities.

logic ain't proof, but what have you got to lose? it ain't asking for a contribution or membership fee to believe.

go with your gut! in time you will understand yourself and your inner senses.

There are lot of hidden senses underneath ur cover of being it is just to explore them.With Meditation And concentration u can Chanellize the Energy to foresee the Future. U can Chanellize into other powers.

Yes sometimes I too tend to foresee But It requires Concentration to see Clearly and Exactly
i think our sense of balance is one of many of our additional senses. i think that evolutionarily we haven't needed any kind of psychic sixth sense for survivial and that's why it hasn't developed. yet by the same token, we didn't really need "high" intelligence to survive either and it seems that our species is repleat with examples of traits we don't need to survive.

one issue with forcasting the future is that one may be "forcasting" the past, present, or future of a different subuniverse or "parallel" universe. and while the forecast is absolutely correct in someone's universe, it just for some reason isn't always correct in this universe.

there are many candidates for the sixth sense but as i wrote earlier i think there are many senses, not all of which are "mystical." we have a sense for what we're feeling emotionally, for example. what organ is experiencing/sensing the butterflies when we like someone or what organ is it that is experiencing/sensing the love we have for our parents? i think the whole body is a sensory organ for the most part.

i believe the "mystical" other senses are centered somewhere in the brain and that the brain itself is not excluded in the class of sensory organs. it is what apparently perceives/senses our thoughts, for example. it is the source and detector of our consciousness although whether it is the source is debatable. another important sensory function of the brain is its sense of our intuition. no theory of mind is complete without tackling the idea of intuition. people who are late to work say "i was on time in some time-zone" and while the "mystical senses" and intuition may be right on in some dimension, it is often "incorrect" in this dimension and perhaps that is because our brain is the sensory organ for higher dimensions though while being limited to a 3D structure itself cannot fully language its perceptions.

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