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Do we have a theory for 'cold' bol phenomena (unexplained lights)

  1. Feb 16, 2010 #1
    This is a tentative thread, there is a 'class' of ufo - unexplained lights - that seems to run on thin air. What are they?

    I've seen ground based lights that almost emerge from ground or hover just above, and in one instance with a 'curtain edge' at top, like an inverted fan light with a luminous ball at the base at ground level..

    And.. another ball of light that moved slowly between cloud base and ground, repeatedly up and down, in daylight..as if to say, what am i?

    Older people might remember the joey in the bottle, i had a model diver or submarine, that had baking powder inside, and if i used the old long-screw topped bottles filled with water, the 'joey' could be made to hover or go up or down, by altering the bottle's pressure.
    The light ball looked like a similar activity, but in air..

    First I'd like anyone who's seen examples of these lights to come forward and describe them.

    second, can we shed light on possible mechanisms.

    The class of lights I refer to are not ball lightning in my opinion, that's much a more a electromagnetic 'fizz' source..no, 'my' lights are quite subtle.. often they are seen at night or dusk, no particular set of conditions seem to invoke them.. and of course there are many places in the world where these lights are intermittently observed.

    My view is, if we could work out the nature of the lights, we might discover a new form of energy manipulation, or at least confirm whether they fit easily into the physics world, or not.

    For instance, what exactly was the light emanating from the ground based ball, forming a fan shape around ten feet high, on chalk land, and with a well defined cutoff at top of the curtain. 'Normal' light just does not stop in mid air, or does it?

    And we don't have much fault activity in the UK, personally i don't think these are earthquake based, as in Persinger's explanations.

    Any other personal reportings/descriptions of 'local' lights would be useful here... the more distant lights are less useful, as one can't see formation details
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