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Do We Need Intelligence In Heaven ?

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    In this life we need to think to solve our problems and get ourselves through .But what about in heaven if everything is provided and no problem exist , so our mind is deactivated and I suppose 'I think therefore I am' wouldn't work there, you wouldn't realize you exist . In hell , I think you need intelligence to get yourself out even if there is no solution exist.
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    That must be your idea of heaven because that certainly wouldn't be heaven for me. :wink:
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    Well if we did live in a place where everything is provided to us.... wouldn't we need intelligence to know what we actually do need in the first place?

    I think dieing will be fun. It will sort out a lot of problems in my opinion.
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    I don't want to spend an eternity in a heaven thats perfect. That's why life is exciting.
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    If you believe in heaven or any kind of afterlife you probably also have to believe that specific matters of God are simply outside the human intellectual capacity. If that's the case, anything you come up with is just a philosophical game that has no basis in reality. Sure that's a copout but the question is unanswerable outside of faith.
    All you can really assume is that since it's a completely different state of being, conepts like "being provided for" aren't even relevant.
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    What do students learn in high school these days?
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    How to have sex
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    That would explain the ineptitude.
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    Well we know how to do drugs too :frown:
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    Although this question has not been explicitly framed within a particular religious context, I believe it is still largely a question involving concepts particular to some religious belief systems. Worse, those concepts are not at issue, but are axiomatically accepted and form the background on which the real question is asked. As such, this discussion is not amenable to PF's policy on religious discussion. I encourage the original poster to seek discussion of this topic on a more appropriate forum.
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