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Do we really exist theory

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    I have heard the question do we really exist, and if so how do we know. As opposed to lets say we don't exist and we are in the matrix. My view is that regardless of what state, we exist in ourselves. But, from a physics stand point is there any way to know if we really exist?
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    No, we are the non-existent figments of our own non-existent imaginations.
    Or was that not?
    Why bother..
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    You are not asking if you exist or not, you are asking what you are. If you exist in the matrix then of course you exist. In the matrix. You are simply not exactly what you believe yourself to be, which is a different matter. But proof of existence was formulated long ago: what does not exist cannot wonder therefore if you wonder then you necessarily exist. It's not even physics, merely inevitability.

    The forum needs a sticky answer for this FAQ! :biggrin:
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    No kidding.

    Members, please search for a subject before you start a new thread. There are already many threads open on this subject. Almost as many as "what is the meaning of life?".
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