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Do we require New Members Forum?

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    OK I am feeling giddly because this is my first thread on PF. Hope it generates enthusiastic debate.

    The point is simple: Do we actually require "New Member Introductions" Forum? I have seen a couple of threads pop in the Unanswered Threads Forum ( which is absolutely wonderful by the way) and Ive made sure I reply to them. I know it is encouraging when someone shows an interest in you when you introduce yourself, but the replies to these threads are very rare. Further more, they do not actually serve a scientific purpose ( fictional, non-fictional or otherwise) and could be a waste of storage space for PF servers ( OK I am just assuming this ).

    In addition to this, we need to also think if they actually serve their purpose? Do we remember any of the people we have welcomed in New Member Introduction Forums? Are they really "introduced"?

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    No requirement, plenty of space on PF servers, just a way for new members to get their feet wet and try posting a thread.
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    I didn't know there was a members forum to start with. Why a new one then?
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    We can have a new member introduction thread instead and direct newbies automatically to that thread after they activate their profiles!
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    @Lisa! It will clutter space up and look less neat than it is now. Plus it won't serve the purpose Greg wants it to- "get the new guys to wet their feet". I was wondering why they cant jump into action slight away. The entire forum seems quite self explanatory.
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