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Do we still need sound card ?

  1. Sep 6, 2004 #1
    That day I went to see the roadshow of intel, the intel staff told me that their 925 chipset has built-in 8 channels sound system, the demo really showed a very Hi-Fi quality of sound.
    my question is, do we still need sound card like creative audigy since intel chipset can deliver such a good quality sound?
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    My personal opinion is NO .....
    Integrated sound technology is going to be the way ahead in the future(IMHO) .... i don't want to waste a slot for a sound card where i can fit much better and useful things which can be anything from a high speed lan card to high quality graphics card ...

    Ofcourse lan cards and graphics card are already integrated into mother boards which means the slots can get some new stuffs ... tv tuner cards? prolly ....

    Ofcourse i spoke as a general user here and some professional sound studio geek would differ with me and say that he needs more than just some 8 measly channels ...

    -- AI
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    Slight problem here is that Intel based SC doesn't have EAX2 used in games.
    there are some more problems like not same kind of sound quality (rememeber that Audigy 2 can sample at 92 kHz compared to 44,1 kHz).

    Built in SC is ok for casual user that doesn't play games.
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    Most new motherboards have decent sound chips integrated into them. For the average user it will be sufficient. For the power user a high end sound blaster card is still a good option.
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    the intel 925 chipset also has enhanced VGA, however they admitted that it can not compare with ATI radeon etc.
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