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Do women find scientists attractive? Specifically physicists?

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    From your own experience do you think being a scientist or a science student has helped you attract beautiful girls?

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    Sorry bro, but you're in the wrong field if you're looking to attract "beautiful girls" based on your profession alone. Better start studying for the LSAT or MCAT if that's your goal.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Physicists in general? No.
    Particular physicists? Yes.
    Me personally? Of course!
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    Wait you're telling me you never see the swarm of beautiful women at every physics conference waiting to just glance at a physicist?! I envy them physicist for that.
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    Women are not a monolithic group. Just like men they have individual tastes and few will care that much about what their partner does for a living.
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    Terrible troll thread. That avatar was a dead give away not to mention the username n who makes these kind of threads? Smh
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    I think Physicist mean {genius} and women love this :biggrin:
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    My wife is pretty good looking, but im a bio major. But if i where you i would look for a girl that can understand and talk about your interests rather then just a pretty face. Good looks are no fun to talk to I'd rather date a fugly duckling thats smart then a model who is dumb...
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    Don't feed the troll.
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    George Jones

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    Most physicists (male and female) are married, at least ##\exists##, but probably not ##\forall##.
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    ... until the genius physicist says something the woman doesn't agree with. :eek:
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    Do you have any peer reviewed sources for that claim? We don't make statements like that willy-nilly on PF.
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    Contrary to how it is portrayed in big bang theory, you're screwed.
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    That was funny,thanks!

    Anyway,I think I should remind you guys that we have females among both physicists and physics students and no one doomed female physicists and physics students to be ugly!
    Also,I think even among females not in physics,physicists can find a good one for marriage.Its not like people see physicists as little green men with jellylike gruesome bodies!!!
    And we should also remember its not only beauty that matters,marriage is very different from buying luxuries and delicious snacks!
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    Claude Bile

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    I have been married for 10 years and my wife still refers to my career as "lasers and stuff".

    In essence, being a scientist means precisely nothing for most women (beautiful or otherwise). And nor should it really.

    Do you chase women/men based on their career choices??

  17. Dec 25, 2013 #16
    I don't think that an average woman finds an average scientist attractive. I think there are specific characteristics which make a male attractive to a woman. I can't define all of them but from my experience these are prestigious profession, leadership, height, build, he must be not boring, smart. If a scientist has all the necessary characteristics then he is attractive to women but from my experience an average scientist has fewer necessary characteristics than an avarage manager.
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    I'm curious about which specific "necessary" characteristics do the average scientist, in your experience, lack compared to the average manager.
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    Manager is believed to be more prestigious profession than scientist. Scientists are often cautious, they won't make a decision if they aren't certain about it. I think that one can't be certain about real life things like scientists are used to be certain about things therefore they often can't make confident statements which are needed to be a leader. Scientists rarely visit gym. People often find that scientists are boring. I don't know anything about correlation between height and being scientist. I think that the average scientist is smarter than the average manager.
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    You are spouting a lot of misinformation, you should probably stop.
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    LOL! I have never heard so much horses**t being spouted in the above post.
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