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Do you believe that Tupac Shakur is alive?

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  1. Sep 15, 2004 #1
    http://tupacfans.com/alive.php [Broken]

    I've noticed that there are some fans of Tupac Shakur here. So, do you think he's alive?

    There are certainly some very suspicious details about his 'death' (read link).

    Some even believe that he's coming back.

    What do you think about this whole "fake" death. Please share your opinions on this.
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    Me being present at the Tyson fight in 96' (along with being a diehard pac fan) had me very interested in the whole controversial issue. There have been a number of suspicious circumstances around his death that would lead one to conclude he is still alive, but I really think we should allow him to rest in peace, and remember him for the talented and incredible artist he was. Most of the link resorted to numerology and other unreliable evidence. Stuff like

    really detracts from any serious discussion of the matter. That's part of the reason why I stopped believing he was alive a few years after the incident. And all the stuff about him knowing about the death, in the form of acting it out in music videos, implying he staged the whole incident can simply be explained by the fact he was extremely paranoid toward the end of his life. He didn't know his friends from his enemies, and knew death was knocking on his door after the first attempt on his life. That's pretty much my take on it.

    RIP 2Pac
    1971 - 1996
  4. Sep 15, 2004 #3
    Yeah, but they could do a whole movie all in his voice!?

    And what other artists out there releases so many CDs and songs after their death?

    I know there are explanations, but it again, adds to the suspicioun Not that I'm a 'believer' of this theory or anything, but I do find it thought-provoking.

    During an interview (that you can see at that site), 2Pac claimed he had "family", he didn't really have friends.

    And he knew his enemies - just look at that list.

    Edit: Just wanted to say that I do agree with you. Every one of Tupacs companions have said that these theories are false. You must admit though, its very weird.
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