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News Do you care about the politics expressed in the music?

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    when you listen to music, do you care about the politics expressed in the music?

    if you are a liberal, can you listen to Lynard Skynard?
    if you are a republican, can you listen to Green Day?

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    I hate to admit it, but some times I have a hard time listening to a performer because of something they have said or done. I don't boycott them or protest. I simply change the station. It doesn't happen very often. I think that other personality traits influence my decision as well, not just the political aspect.
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    I specially select the music based on it's lyrics....

    I listen to: Bob marley, peter tosh, Rage against the machine, System of a down etc.

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    Thankfully, my music either has no lyrics or pre-dates the United States. Thankfully i dont listen to music with political messages or whatever in them because... well, its annoying to listen to fact-less rhetoric no matter whos saying it and from what 'side'. For example... one of my friends loves this one song and has it as his away msg. He puts up this one lyric over and over talken about the US and how we somehow love to send people out to get killed in our military and the end line of the verse is "because most of the army is black or latino".

    Because he annoys me so much, i decided to check out this statistic and no matter how you cut it, active duty/non active duty, iraq deployed/non-iraq deployed, afghan/non-afghan, front line/'higher up', navy/marines/army, reserves/active duty, it was consistently 50%+ caucasian.

    Further proof, democracy doesnt work! lol jk
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    Green Day's latest album bothers me a little bit, but its still in my car cd player. Its not too bad, politically. Rage, well - its rage. I listen to the music, but don't take the politics seriously. It doesn't show any intelligence that I can detect.

    Anyway, it really depends. I can forsee some (can't think of one lately) that I wouldn't be able to stomach.
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    Bad Religion is probably my favorite band. They tend to lean left politically I think but they stay pretty well in the middle for the most part which is where I stand myself. I have to have respect for a punk band whose members all have a Masters or better, the lead singer holding a Phd. Other than them most of the music I listen to doesn't really contain political messages. Well actually... Dropkick Murphy's do too. They lean right but again I think the messages are more or less middle.
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