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Do you enjoy engineering?

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    Tell me the things about engineering that keep you excited everyday and things that you dislike about your career.

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    Just finished graduation. Not working full time. Currently interning.

    Love doing calculations (currently for hydraulic circuits)
    Part which I like most are analyzing failed components and suggesting solutions.
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    I like getting up from my desk and going to the lab to tinker, test, troubleshoot, and blow off steam.

    I like playing legos on my computer (solid modeling).

    I like doing calculations/making predictions and then going to test those predictions on products so I see the differences between theory and experiment.

    I like that I am presented with new/unique problems continuously. It makes the day go by fast. I do not do well with repetitive tasks.

    I like cultivating ideas from other STEM majors, browsing technical forums, and continuously taking graduate coursework in engineering/math/physics.

    I like that my experience/knowledge/expertise is transferable. I am not learning a unique business process that is only applicable at said business.

    I don't like filing a 20 page report to process a change order that requires 20 signatures from people that do not have technical expertise to justify why the length of my 10-32 bolt increases from 1/2" to 5/8".

    Engineering is F-ing awesome. Just do it.
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