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Do you ever wish that someone could fully appreciate the depth of your knowledge?

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    After all, many of you have probably read/experienced dozens of books/papers/articles about many subjects. Not just science, but social science, whatever cultures you happen to be interested in, and the communities you grew up in. And of course, most people you talk to will only appreciate your knowledge of a small fraction of the total sum of all your knowledge (probably depending on your mutual interests, although most people have mutual interests that don't intersect very much as compared to the fraction of all their interests).

    And I feel like this will only get bigger as I grow older and learn more.

    Perhaps this feeling depends on how you want other people to see you.
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    Ya kinda but 98.9% of what I know is totally useless. Stuff like captain crunch and pogs...
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    YES. I feel like that all of the time.

    I'm kind of the absent-minded professor, so most people assume I'm dumb, especially other smart people. (Well, I'm super lazy, too.) But they can't even recognize the depth of my mind or the extent of my undeveloped talent. It makes me sad. :(

    Not that I think I'm all that, because I'm not.
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    It depends what you can do other than burger flipping after absorbing knowledge for years.
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    I make a mean Subway sandwich. Come to my shop and I'll give you a discount. :P
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    I do and I don't really.

    I will never fill the vessel I call my brain with all information available in the world. I don't like lots of attention really. Sooo.. It kind of suits me fine.

    I am still a student too. I reckon my view on things will change once I got years of experience or read more texts as the OP mentioned! :)
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