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Do you fear dead?

  1. Oct 30, 2006 #1
    If someone where to be in a hyperthetical situation that he/she knows he/she would die in the next 2 minutes. What would he/she think about?
    Would he/she think about his/her parents, girlfriend, or himself/herself? Would they be so fearful that they stop thinking at all. Would they find comfort in perhaps a personal god?
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    live life as one always have...
    When its time to die.. its time to die..

    if it was because of some outside object like a missile of meteor i would just look out the window.

    thats a one in a life time experience... :P

    And i would proberly drink my applejuice and really enjoy it.
    while singing a song in my head.. or whistle one.
  4. Oct 30, 2006 #3
    I'd sit around playing computer games like I always do.
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    I have been in a situation where I did expect to die shortly. I spent the time thinking of my family. To be exact I was thinking about how sad it was that I would nerver see them again. My 24 year old buddy was criyng and saying momma momma. Another guy was praying and yet another one was cursing. It is an individual thing I guess.
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    well, that is some thing you dont forget.
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    When I fell down the stairs upside down and head first, knowing I was going to land on my head and most likely snap my neck (my coworker died that way just 3 months earlier), I realized I may only have a second to live.

    It's amazing how much you can think about in a second, I thought about how sad the girls would be, the bills, that I had no will, I wondered if they would find all my life insurance. I thought about work, I wished the house was cleaner, I wondered who'd take care of the cats.
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    Pardon me for making light but I couldn't resist...

    Evo's last thoughts...
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    I would be thinking i hope i do not look totally worse dead.
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    As long as you look cute dead, it's alright.
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    How can you imagine how you would react unless it happened and you were in that situation? You can speculate about it, but dont really know until it happens.
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    Well, I just insulted Moonbear's cat, and I'm thinking about buying a new mouse (for my PC of course).
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    Funny, the cat was just thinking about wanting a new mouse too. :biggrin: :rofl:

    I've taken a few tumbles where the outcome was uncertain, and all I thought was, "(Expletive omitted)!!!!!!" It was pure reflexes that got me out of those situations, so I probably wouldn't be thinking about much.
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    When I was in high school and for a few years after, I used to go rock climbing. When you fall, you're supposed to calmly say, "Falling!" to alert the person belaying you.

    Everyone used to make fun of me for saying, "(Expletive omitted)!!!!!!"

    Come to think of it, it would have taken less syllables to just say, "Falling!" :rofl:
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    :biggrin: :rofl:
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    I was in a very bad car accident, and the only thing I thought of, was my children.
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    That would be a huge weight off my shoulders. I wouldn't have to save money or worry about a career or having children or any of that. I could go buck wild for two weeks.
  19. Oct 31, 2006 #18


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    Hahahha that's the same attitude i have!!, yes. Party 24/7, cause i am not going to live much longer :bugeye: :tongue2:
  20. Nov 1, 2006 #19
    I would probably just sit and pray that some form of adrenaline rush could keep me alive until someone could help? lol

    But on a serious note, yer, one can only speculate, as when your in a real-time situation like that, you dont know, and I've only ever had 1 near-death experience, and that resulted in being just a panic attack :yuck:
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