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Do You Have A Band?

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    I do. I am known as "FugTheDrummer". This band is an unedited, unrehearsed, unscripted endeavor brought to you by "2.25".

    Its also known as a Jam Band. And worse names as well.

    Please feel free to post your myspace page in this thread... or,
    if there is provision for mp3s post those.

    I think music is one of the areas where subjective and objective thought streams are
    melded quite well. There's a lot of objective and technical expertise involved yet its mostly nothing without the language of the subjective.

    Here's our myspace page:

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    Right on dude!!!!

    Way cool... very funny and sounding good!
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    Dont have a myspace page yet. Havent even recorded anything professionally yet actually. Going to get a demo done soon, but the bands name is Opaque. Basically, blues based rock...
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    Hey Chaos.... I've got tunes that sound better than the IBook recording that were recorded on a 1981 Ghetto Blaster.... that thing has two stereo holes for mics on the unit. The holes are about this size of a crab's eye!

    In fact this band went through two incarnations... the first, "The SMELTS", recorded about 9800 hours of jamming on the Ghetto Blaster. I think we got about 3 CDs of """songs""" out of those hours... and really only one that I have ever posted on Myspace. But its a good sound.

    Its always a mistake to wait!!!
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    Earned spending money in HS and College playing in bands (60's onward), then gave it up when full-time jobs made the weekends too precious to break up. In later years (until fragrance sensitivities sidelined me) I hosted rock/blues jams for a local tavern. I earned better $$$ doing that than I ever did playing in established bands, but I earned it. Unless you're dealing with regulars who want to hone material that they have brought in before, you're working without a net. The only way to pull it off is to learn barre chords all up and down the neck using formations related to E, A, D, etc, and make sure you can throw in major, minor, 7th, dim, 9th, etc voicings as needed. That way, you don't get caught flat-footed too much. It's not fun to drop a clam in front of a crowd, if it could have been avoided. Also, with barre chords, you can engineer a key-change if you see that a vocalist is having problems with the range of a particular song. You have to have signals worked out with the bassist, etc to pull that off, but it can be done.
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    Just been there and signed for hook up binzing.

    Cool name!

    I used to play in a fiddle/bazooki/mandolin/guitar/harmonica/banjo/melodica/piano/bass/percussion/trombone/flute/sax/vocal band. We actually ended up touring with 3 albums. We saw most of the Northern Hemisphere. Its worth the fun of playing!

    Some day I'll post that myspace account... we played with Bruce Cockburn, Ozark Mountain Dare Devils, Jose Feliciano, Sean Phillips, The Dillards, Billy Cowsill, John Hammond, Sonny Terry and Brownie Magee, and a host of others. Lucky lucky boys!
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    my band's name is ISFN. We are quite terrible and I wouldn't put any of you through the excruciating experience of listening to us.
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    I think you're right. What with shuffling college, our studies (some of us are preparing for GRE's, GMAT and the CAT), and a host of other extra curriculars, there almost never seems to be time for the band. We had to take a break cause of our exams, but thats when we were just starting to take off... a mistake in retrospect. Anyway, I hope things clear up a bit soon so we can actually get a decent jam together... all the stuff we've recorded is off of our mobile phones and when ever we'd go to a club, they'd ask for a professional demo... That was supposed to be the next thing on the agenda, lets see when it actually happens.
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    You can get multiple tracks using a Saffire box... (six imputs to six tracks simultaneously) into an ibook with Garage Band on it. Not to shabby... might fool some Club Owners!
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    signed for hook up?

    You like the name? wasn't my decision, but its ok. After my friend thought of it, and what kept it as the name was finding out that Apollo is the god of music.
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    Yes, "requested friendship" would be another way to say that.:redface:

    I hear ya about the name thing. 2.25 is my short form for two and a quarter... and that was picked by the bassist who is a carpenter and uses 2.25 common nails profusely.
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