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Homework Help: Do you have any idea why it's?

  1. Dec 1, 2007 #1
    Hi all in here,

    Do you have any idea why concrete is weak when tested in tension and list the steps that can be taken to overcome this? and why might a welded stainless steel structure fail from corrosion?
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  3. Dec 1, 2007 #2
    any answer??
  4. Dec 1, 2007 #3
    one more question

    During ironmaking, some impurities are gaseous,how can pollution from these be reduced?
  5. Dec 1, 2007 #4
    that sounds more like a demand than a question and that question sounds more like chemistry than physics
  6. Dec 2, 2007 #5
    could you give me any location to looking for answers,any web site that I find everything regarding my questions.

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