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Do you have to do an REU

  1. Jun 16, 2008 #1
    in order to be accepted into grad school? People tell me they are hard to get into. Would grad school committees consider the research you do in the summer at your own university?
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    What grad schools care about, as far as I have been told, is research experience. It does not necessarily have to be at an REU. If you can get good recommendations and possible a publication from the research you do at your own school then you should be in good shape research wise.

    The reason people want REU's is because they are prestigious research internships. They definitely don't hurt, but I doubt the lack of an REU will keep you out of grad school if you have other forms of experience.
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    No, you don't have to do an REU to get accepted into grad school. It is probably uncommon for a student to get accepted if they have done no research whatsoever, but it really doesn't matter where or when you do that research as long as it is documented. So, of course grad schools consider the research you do at your own university. Giving a good description of what you accomplished during your research experience is much more impressive than just citing the fact that you attended an REU one summer.
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