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Do you know how MD is structured?

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    Do you know how MD is structured ?

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    Masters degree?
    The two-character country code for MOLDOVA?
    Multi-Disk Plugin for RAID?
    Muscular Dystrophy?
    Doctor of Medicine?

    Can you be more specific? :-D
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    I only wanted to know who will be the first to have in mind "Maryland" image instead of MiniDisk-the actual one whose structure I now would like to know about ..-lol-.
    Anttech, Can you help me ? Where can I find some information about it ?

    I don't know if it is also possible for you to tell me how a disc can be "extend" from 640 to 700, 1.5GB, 2.4GB etc.

    Again Thanks Anttech

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    Who has a minidisc player? I thought it went the way of the cookoo bird. You'll end up paying an arm and a leg for the player plus all the media. Solid state and hard drive based players are the way of the future.
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    People do still carry them. I've seen them around.

    But yeah, HD based players will take over he future, as far as high-capacity music goes.

    Flash memory card players still offer better battery-life though, for those who don't need 1000 songs. Plus, they're usually lighter and completely skip free.
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