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Do you know RUSE

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    I am playing RUSE for two years.You are a general and you are commanding nations(USA,SSCB,Germany,France,Italy,Japan Empire)
    Theres Tanks,bunkers,aircrafts,artilaries,AT,AA guns actually everything(No ships).Multiplayer option is avaliable.And its very cheap on Steam.But Japan is an additional package.
    I like WWII and strategy games.And I can say this game is in top 10 maybe even top 5.
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    Looks like an interesting game. If I only had the time. :smile:
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    Time is always be a problem.One war takes at least 30 min.
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    30 minutes isn't too bad but there's always the next battle...

    My gaming now mostly consists of a yearly gathering with some old college friends for a long gaming weekend. We play battles ranging from ancient times to futuristic stuff like battletech.
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    Yeah there will be always next.

    That seems cool.I like the history,strategy games.I dont know you guys like RUSE.I played MOHAA for two years too.I love WWII
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