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Do you know them?

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    Yeah, the text in the picture really cleared things up for me. :wink: I see Einstein in the bottom row, and someone who bears a striking resemblance to Hitler on the far left.
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    I can see Lenin, too! :biggrin:
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    I can recognize most of them in the front row. The guy with the hat is Max Planck, to the right are Marie Curie, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Albert Einstein, then some guy who looks familiar and maybe deSitter next to him.
    In the middle row on the right is Niels Bohr and next to him is (maybe) Heisenberg?, then Louis de Broglie (however you may pronounce that).
    The guy in the top row third from the left could be Ehrenfest and the one fourth from the right is definately Pauli and right of him could be Born (not sure though).
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    Ah, the nuclear club group picture! What gives with the Chinese(?) overlay??? Persons of interest(why then not Einstein) or maybe indicating spy's for their internal records?
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    Nevermind, I see that Einstein is marked.
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    in the top row, the dude in the middle is Schroedinger, and fourth from the right is Pauli and next to him to his left is Heisenberg.
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