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Do you know this song?

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    I'm searching for a theme of Impossible Mission II. But it is not the main theme. I don't know its name, but it sounds where the pretty girl (I don't know her name because I came across the film when I was zapping) is infected with Quimera virus. Tom Cruise and her try then to escape of some laboratory.

    Do you know the name of the theme?.
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    Try searching google for "mission impossible 2 soundtrack credits" or something like that.

    I did, and came up with a list of songs from the movie:

    (The link is here: http://www.soundtrack.net/soundtracks/database/?id=2507 [Broken])
    1. Hijack 4:09
    2. "Iko-Iko" - Zap Mama 3:23
    3. Seville 4:32
    4. Nyah (Film Version) - featuring Heitor Pereira 2:20
    5. "Mission: Impossible Theme" 0:39
    6. The Heist 2:22
    7. Ambrose 2:37
    8. Bio-Techno 1:42
    9. Injection 4:49
    10. Bare Island 5:30
    11. Chimera 1:42
    12. The Bait 1:00
    13. Mano a Mano 4:22
    14. Mission: Accomplished 1:44
    15. Nyah and Ethan 5:05
    Total Time: 45:56

    It's one of those.

    Hope that helped! :tongue2:
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    Now use Windows Media Player to search for the music.

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    If you don't have media player, go searching on google.

    Google is nifty! :biggrin:
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    Thank you all, yesterday I found the theme. It's "injection".

    Good boys, good boys.... :approve:
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