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Do you know what America is?

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    do you know what "America" is?

    President Bush uses the phrase "defend America", often.

    Is there a common definition as to exactly what "America" is?
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    Yes, in context it's an informal name for the country called the "United States of America", which is a much longer country name than say, "Spain". The official 'short form' of the country is "United States". Most people call it "America". Occasionaly it also refers to the entire region of the North and South Americas, as in "Interamerican trade".
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    I'm pretty sure that includes North, Central, and South America for economic as well as historic reasons (Monroe doctrine, Cuban missile crisis, etc)

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    His actions seem more in line with defending the "american lifestyle." This is just about as hard to define, or perhaps harder. His actions have eroded what "america" means to me. He has destroyed america from my perspective. It ain't the country it was five years ago.
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    Actually, the name Spain itself is short for the Kingdom of Spain.

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    A Yankee Dime for Pattylou!
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    What's that worth these days? About three cents?
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    You'll forgive me if I never regarded it in high esteem in the first place. :tongue2:
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    Just think how happy the Iraqi's will be once they are able to launch their own versions of The Jerry Springer Show and Desperate Housewives.
    Oh the Freedom :rofl:
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    In this context it means Iraqi oil.
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    Yeah. Well. You know.
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    pattylou's perspective that the reference is to the American way of life is one aspect, and probably more applicable to terrorism. But in other instances, such as the invasion of Iraq, it is a twisting of terms to gain support. For example, changing the 'Department of War' to the 'Department of Defense' -- it sounds a lot better, right?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The US is literally defined by the U.S. Constitution. This is what soldiers, Supreme Court Justices, and Presidents are sworn to defend. When a US soldier dies while fighting a war, in principle he or she dies for the Constitution. At least, that's how it's supposed to work...
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    So how could anyone justifiably say that a soldier who has died in the Iraq war was defending the Constitution?
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    Who's saying it's justifiable?
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    I'll take that as 'nobody could'. If that is the case, then isnt the Iraq war unconstitution, and thus Bush has comitted treason against the constitution :tongue2:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Well, that's why Bush tries to make this a war on terror. But beyond that we do have the Truman doctrine which declared that we are the policemen of the world. We use this rationale to justify intervention when American interests are not directly at stake. That is, we view freedom as a right of all people be they Americans or not.
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    The Truman doctrine states that the United States would support "free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures."

    I cant see how this can be used as a rational to start a war in Iraq, unless "armed minorities" can also mean goverments...

    Has any antiwar campaigners used this slat againt Bush (that the war in unconstitution)?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The war in Iraq was justified by the alleged threat of WMDs. When we didn't find any, the focus shifted to "freeing the Iraqi oil...I mean, people".

    But for the record, I believe the war is unconstitutional, and I think Congress and the American people have failed to do their jobs.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Yes, based on the idea that the Bush administration hid information from Congress. And even though he did lie and obfuscate, it seems that too many Americans now find this sort of behavior acceptable; that is, as long as people are dying and not just getting easy sex.
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