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Do you think Dolly the sheep is a fake?

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    I'd be inclined to think Dolly was really. Too much information about her was given out and the process of cloning is even studied in schools now. Of course, believing society because of the majority view point is rarely a good stance. I'm just leaning towards Dolly having been real anyway.
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    I'm too lazy to read any articles, but unfortunately [for others] not too lazy to avoid replying....

    The first time I saw a photo of the sheep they call Dolly I finally understood all those boot jokes.
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    Still it leaves for good jokes to rib scientists.
    Here come on out to my farm, I swear I developed a mass cloning technique. Every year I clone a few more sheep. Look at all of these sheep. They all look the same.

    I'm pretty sure they did extensive testing on Dolly to prove that she was a clone. Unlike the mysterious cloned baby who would be "protected" by not being shown. And no information would be given about the process or anything regarding the results.
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