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Do YOU think I am a man?

Did you think I was a man?

Poll closed Jun 11, 2010.
  1. Yes

    13 vote(s)
  2. No

    7 vote(s)
  1. May 27, 2010 #1

    Well, did you? I'M NOT.

    Why is it that people on the Net think I am a guy? In real life, I get teased for being not too feminine, but no matter WHAT site, everything thinks I'm a guy. And they're so SURE of it, too.

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  3. May 27, 2010 #2
    Hrm, well, I don't have an opinion about you one way or the other, but I could hazard a guess and say that, with a gender-neutral name, the default guess seems to be male. And thinking about that now, for me, I do it too. So, maybe that's it.

    Edited to add: okay, I saw this thread before the other one where you actually discuss why this may be. As far as this poll goes, I'd like an "I don't have an opinion" option. A straight "yes" or "no" doesn't cover all the bases.
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  4. May 27, 2010 #3


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    When I first joined, people thought I was male. What is funny is that there is a male member that men think is female and he gets hit on a lot by men when he posts. :tongue2:
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  5. May 27, 2010 #4
    Geez I didn't realize this was a date site :(
  6. May 27, 2010 #5


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    A lot of women don't care, or in fact, prefer people make the mistake so they avoid getting hit on a lot.

    So, if it bothers you, why don't you change you username?

    Or better yet, change your avatar to a pic of you in a bikini.
  7. May 27, 2010 #6


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    Well, if it bothers you, there are ways to deal with it. Like, you can put something on your user page that male PFers will recognize as feminine (maybe, a puppy or cute little bird?). Or you could change your name to GreatEscapista.

    OK so I'm being a bit sarcastic :biggrin:. I think there is a cultural bias on the internet towards maleness...and I'm not sure why. Sure the early users were probably mostly male but that's long since changed.

    One thing to keep in mind: in proper English, when you don't know the gender of a person, using the pronoun "he" is perfectly acceptable. Now, in the English most people use, the pronoun "they" is used in those cases, so most people's ears aren't calibrated to thinking of "he" as gender neutral. So you may be being referred to as "he" only because the poster doesn't know your gender and uses proper English. Yes I realize, the chances of someone actually using proper English on the web is a looooong shot :tongue2:.
  8. May 27, 2010 #7
    Can we get some proof? Like at least 5 pics.
  9. May 27, 2010 #8


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    I assumed GE knew this, so I assumed s/he is complaining about a phenomenon above and beyond mere default gender assignation.
  10. May 27, 2010 #9
    I've had so many sex-change operations I can't remember what I started out as.
  11. May 27, 2010 #10
    I thought you were a man until you called me jerk for making fun of girls in Random Thoughts. I didn't know what to make out of it other than making an assumption about your gender.
  12. May 27, 2010 #11


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    From time to time people used to mistake me as a female, But I think my avatar has solved that problem.
  13. May 27, 2010 #12


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    It's a forum on physics... can you blame people?
  14. May 27, 2010 #13
    If it's the internet, I automatically assume everyone is guy. Plus it's physics it's like double guyness. Too many fakers. A lot girls pretend to be guys to avoid guys hitting on them.
  15. May 27, 2010 #14


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    When I joined engineering school, there were 5 females out of 305 freshmen. Not good.
  16. May 27, 2010 #15
    Anonymous internet forums are meant to do discuss things other than identity of forum members. For that there is facebook or myspace. Of course you can always reveal something about yourself if you want to. If you don't drop any hints, then people are going to assume whatever they are going to assume, and it still has little bearing on you participating in discussions.
  17. May 27, 2010 #16

    Did you think we cared much ? o:)
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  18. May 27, 2010 #17
    I did not really have any idea one way or the other. I may have considered you male though. "GreatEscapist" is nothing very feminine. One of my online friends, who has a feminine sounding SN, when I first 'met' him was talking about making out with a cute boy so I kinda assumed.
  19. May 27, 2010 #18
    I think it's a pseudo-cultural thing. The two girls who already posted in this thread have "girl names" as part of their forum name, which is pretty common for girls to do from my experience. Guys tend to have names unrelated to themselves, like "TheEscapist". Also girls tend to decorate their profile with pictures and signatures, while guys more often leave everything blank :smile:.
  20. May 27, 2010 #19
    Hudson: "Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

    Vasquez: "No. Have you?"
  21. May 27, 2010 #20


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    Actually there have been no fewer than four female posters in this thread so far (including the OP). Also, I haven't noticed that the female members "decorate" more then the males. But maybe that's just PF - I suspect the Sisterhood is not representative of the general female population.
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