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Do you think I need some help?

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    Is there anyone here that knows why people dream what they dream? Sadly I have been having some really messed up nightmares. All of them are during the morning before I wake up.

    In a couple of my dreams I try to solve some formula or prove something that relates to real life (when it actually doesn't). For example the other night I was trying to show that a set was measurable and had measure zero as a way seeing if someone loved me or not.

    Some other dreams I had are similar but the worst one by far was a dream from which I woke up in tears and got really depressed.

    Why do I keep getting messed up dreams? These seem to be increasing in frequency.
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    Pretty much everyone has weird and random dreams. It doesn't mean you have mental issues. Dreams aren't supposed to make sense.
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    I don't think you need help. We all have weird dreams.
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    Problem is these have been pretty recent. I have been having these dreams every night for a week now. I wouldn't really worry if I have maths dreams, its pretty standard thing (as every mathematician is insane), its the nightmares that are really horrid.

    P.S. I haven't been eating cheese before going to bed :rolleyes:
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    Almost everyday, whenever alarm goes off in the morning.. I think the sound is coming from my dream/somewhere inside my mind. So, I try to shut if off while sleeping . After desperately trying for like 15-20 minutes, I find the real source (It's bit weird that it takes so much time to find that it's alarm).

    After finally shutting off my alarm, I go back to sleep and try to get ready while thinking about it in my mind... and then I find that I am still sleeping which takes another 15 minutes.

    I also get homework dreams sometimes .. I work bit faster in my dreams/sleeping mind. It doesn't take a lot of time to find that I am in my bed doing nothing :(.
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    The idea that dreams are some secret code in which the deepest truths about the individual is written, and that the heroic psycho-analyst is only one who can read it, is pretty much discredited.

    What that means is that the idea of "repressed ideas", that you "really are" deeply unhappy but just don't know it (albeit your dreams know otherwise), is just nonsense.

    You are the best to judge whether you are happy or not, and analyzing or fretting over your dream life is just a big waste of time.
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    Try to pinpoint the things in your life that are manifesting themselves this way. Are you terribly stressed? Lonely? Panicked? Anxious? Feeling lost in life?

    Every once in a while, I'll start to get terrible dreams. I have to remind myself to stop and take a look at my life and see what's causing them. Most of the time it will turn out that I've been so stressed and busy, so my diet is suffering, and I'm only sleeping 4 - 6 hours a night. That, or my patience is wearing thin with a lot of people I come across throughout daily life. Then, I decide I'm going to unplug for a day or two. I drop of the grid and just take it easy. Last time I did this, I wound up reading 3 books in two days, and watching There Will Be Blood twice. It was just what I needed. I know it sounds like mystical mumbo-jumbo, but it seems to work for me.

    Moral of the story: It might be time for a bit of introspection, and then some R&R.
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    I'll give it a whack. I am getting rather little sleep due to bad timetabling :( and have some other problems that I need to resolve. I have no idea what There Will be Blood is, but maybe I'll get it from somewhere and watch that :D
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    The content of what you dream might well be immaterial, but the fact of a recent increased emotional sharpness to dreams indicates some chemical change in your brain/body. I don't know what this specifically might be in your case, but some people start experiencing particularly vivid dreams when starting anti-depressants, when stopping excess alcohol intake, or after periods of sleep deprivation. Any change in diet or health or life situation might be considered a suspect. That includes any recent increase or decrease of stress, since, either way it might change the hormones your body is or isn't pumping out to deal with the situation. In my own case I started having particularly horrible dreams when I became addicted to a caffeinated soft drink one summer, and was doing a lot of beer drinking in the evenings.
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    I have been drinking energy drinks rather too much. I haven't really been drinking alcohol. That may be the problem (energy drinks), I'll try to cut down. I don't understand how a change in diet can have such weird effects on the mind. The human body confuses me.
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    Your brain is a physical organ just like any other in the body. It requires that certain chemical parameters be kept in place to operate normally. The easiest one to change, I think, is blood sugar level. The brain uses glucose as "fuel" and glucose gets to the brain via blood. You can fairly rapidly throttle or flood the brain's fuel supply by changing your blood sugar level.

    The physiological experiences we call "emotions" are generated in a central cluster of brain organs known collectively as "the limbic system". The neurons in the limbic system are especially touchy and sensitive to chemical changes. Therefore one might experience sharper or duller emotions as a result of changes in health or diet, fatigue or drugs. The actual content of your dreams or thoughts is probably less the issue than the disturbingly extreme emotional reactions to them. (The mathematical approach to love might be upsetting or humorous or neutral exclusively according to how you react to it; what range and intensity of emotions accompanys the scenario.) More intense than normal emotional content in dreams usually simply means the limbic system is firing more intensely than normal for some chemical reason. It's hard to believe since the emotions are so compelling and seem so significant, requiring interpretation, etc, but it's really just an artificially induced intensity.
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    Surely you're joking, Mr. Arildno!

    I've never ever heard of any credible psychologist or neurologist dispute the idea of repressed emotions or sunconcious thought, nor have I ever heard anyone dismiss dreams as completely irrelevant.

    A psychoanalyst would never "read" your dream.
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    Whoa there I think you just hit the nail on the head. Read the label on those energy drinks. Along with caffeine many of them have a lot of herbs that could cause disruptive sleep.

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    I was gonna recommend an ounce of newt's blood and a tenth pound of bat offal, but if the legitimacy of this thread is gonna be wrecked by mystical mumbo jumbo posts like yours, I won't even bother :tongue2:
  16. Mar 9, 2009 #15
    I thought I mentioned those things.

    No? Then I take it back :tongue:

    By the way, I have a knack for hyperbole. Actually, it's not so much knack as it is a bad habit... and it's annoying.
  17. Mar 9, 2009 #16
    I don't see any bad ingredients really. I know they are bad but they do help me stay a lot more awake than I usually am :D
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