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Do you think this is okay?

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    I'm a member of a new science forum. they've been adding stuff to make it more interesting. but now, we have an arcade with games to atrract guests and fun for members..do think that it's okay to have games like that on a science forum?

    http://www.science-forum.tk [Broken] you won't see all of the features if you're not a mamber.
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    Why does it matter what we think?
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    I have to agree with franz on this one. They can do whatever they want with their site.
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    If its designed to attract younger people, more power to them. Hopefully they will wonder what the other forum topics are, and be tricked into learning something.
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    I joined that site when the administrator advertised it here, but I haven't visited it yet. If the games work on a Mac, I'm all for it. Depending upon the type, sometimes they can be educational too.
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    I was at a forum once which had games. It didn't attract new people nor was it ment to. It kept you busy while you were waiting for replies :P
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