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Do you want to be a LEFTY

  1. Aug 25, 2004 #1
    do you want to be a LEFTY !!

    hi, boys and girls
    as we sit down in front of computer day after day, do you feel pain from wrist arm and shoulder?
    if you can't endure, there is a simple and effective way. just be a LEFTY, use your another hand.
    additionally, as we all know, it can practise our right-brain
    do you want have a try, or tell me what you are anxious for
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    umm...what does this have to do with general physics?
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    Unless this was moved I would say its in the right forum. It would also be nice if I could use both my hands and be ambasomething or other, have no idea how to spell that word. :confused: :confused: :smile:
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    Ambidextrous is the word you're looking for. And that's far better than just switching from right to left handedness (or vice versa). I've taught myself to do a number of things left-handed...still not as steady as with my right-hand, but enough to function if I ever broke my right arm or something like that. This probably should earn me a few extra points on that geek quiz posted around here somewhere!
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    jimmy p

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    I used to be ambidextrous but of got sick of being half backward so I switched to my proper RIGHT arm.
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    I don't think i'll ask. :rofl:
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    I too have gotten quite good at doing some things with my left hand :

    I can count, point, wave, scratch my right hand, rotate my upper arm to make my watch look in the general direction of my eyes, press CTRL + ALT, press ALT + TAB and a host of other complex activities - all with my left hand.

    Nifty, wot ?
  9. Aug 26, 2004 #8
    My father constantly reminds me to use my left hand for controlling the mouse. I'm not going to ignore him completely - he's got Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) from more than 20 years of using his computer at work.

    But, hey, I'm in the prime of my youth and I love Minesweeper and if you use your left hand while playing the game, you just CAN'T WIN!!! (this is only if you're a right-hander like me.)
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    By the way, does using one's left hand really make one smarter?
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    I`m like a semi-quasi-pseudo lefty.
    I write with my left hand, but my strongest arm is right.
    I throw/kick objects with my right limbs.
    When I walk next to my bicycle, I walk on the right side (so the standard is always on the other side).
    I hold my telephone to my left ear.
    In general, things that require a certain precision I do left-handed.
    Things that require strenght are done right-handed.
    It can be a pain when I need both, you should see me writing on the blackboard, it's a disgrace. (and I`m giving studentassistent lectures coming semester, this'll be fun).

    I think statistical research has been done on this. It seems that people who are left-handed are are generally more creative than people who are right-handed.
    Don't know the details though.
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    Chi Meson

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    I think that we should ask Aron Ralston what it is like to become a lefty.

    (Do a google of that name. You'll know what I mean)
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