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  1. Greg Bernhardt

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    Show your support by telling your classmates, friends and professors/teachers about physics forums! :smile:
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  3. consider it done boss
  4. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    good to hear! maybe we should start up a contest to see who gets the most friends to sign up
  5. I've been telling pretty much anyone who might even show the most marginal interest in science and philosophy about the PFs, but, so far I haven't gotten anyone to sign up (though I wasn't really trying to).

    The "contest" isn't really a bad idea, though I'd probably lose .
  6. Hummm, in the "circles" that I travel in, Hummm, oh well, I'd lose that contest real fast!

    But I have endevoured to tell people about it, in the past, and will probably continue, just that, unless I start advertising (or something like that) it at Queensu, their unlikely to know.
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