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Doc says: Drink that Tea!

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    Hello members of PF! :smile:

    I had a thought this morning, as I was hacking my brains out with this horrible cough, is there any scientific evidence that the anti-oxidents in green tea and multi-vitamins actually help keep you from getting sick?

    My school has a strain of the flu virus going around as well as a strain of the cold virus. Both of which ROYALLY S*CK :devil: ! But anyway, I was wondering what people do for themselves when they have colds. Are there any other natural foods that contain vitamins and/or antioxidents that help prevent you from getting sick? :rolleyes:

    Let me know your thoughts and cold remedies you're willing to share! :biggrin:

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    To my knowledge, there is no evidence any of those help. However, when you have a fever and loss of appetite and/or gastrointestinal disturbances, dehydration is a concern, so drinking an non-caffeinated beverage will be good to help you stay hydrated. And because you may not be eating as much due to loss of appetite, supplementing some vitamins or eating things like chicken soup, which has lots of easy to eat nutrients, do have merit in just keeping you getting your nutrients.

    The best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid the germs. Being conscious of things like not rubbing your eyes or face or eating without washing your hands first become even more important during cold and flu season. In general, more frequent hand-washing is good during this season (you'll pick up a lot of germs from places like doorhandles or shaking hands). Just plain staying away from sick people is good to avoid the aerosol spread of viruses that spread in that manner (sneezing, coughing, sometimes just breathing).

    Too many people show up to school and work while sick who should be staying home and avoiding spreading viruses to classmates, teachers and co-workers. To keep from spreading the germs once you realize you're getting sick, first and foremost, just stay home and get better! If you must go out, use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, not just your hand, otherwise you just get the germs on your hand and spread it to the next doorknob. Wash your hands often as well, to avoid spreading the germs further.

    Our hospital here has actually banned anyone under 14 from visiting during cold and flu season...I guess younger kids are too germy. :tongue2: There are prominent signs everywhere that if someone has any symptoms of a cold or flu to get a face mask from the information or admitting desk. These little things help in an environment where there is a high concentration of sick people.
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    Such germy little gremlines! :tongue2:

    Thanks Moonbear.
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