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Document programs with math?

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    Are there any programs like microsoft word that also allow you to do mathematical markup like we do here on the forum?

    I think it would be a nice way to turn assignments for classes involving proofs, etc.
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    www.libreoffice.org/ works in a pinch as well, but learning LaTeX should be better long term.
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    If you want programs compatible with Microsoft Word, you have a built-in equation editor for Microsoft Office 2007 (problematic) or a good equation editor in Microsoft Equation 3.0 (or MathType if your home computer doesn't include Equation Editor).

    The Equation Editor use to work great in both word documents and PowerPoint presentations. The built-in equation editor is passable in PowerPoint presentations. It's harder to use third party products with Office 2007, but there's really not much choice since you'd have a hard time finding Office 2003 now.

    A comparison: http://www.gulfcoast.edu/mathematics/html/equationeditor.htm
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    Learn LaTeX.
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    All the programs suggested in this thread are all very nice. But LaTeX is a skill that every math or science student should posses. You will have to learn it eventually. So why not start now?
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    If you just want to be able to submit homework assignments, or make notes for yourself, and you don't mind paying for the software, Word plus MathType will probably work OK for you. If you want to be able to submit articles to journals eventually, then it's worth the trouble to install LaTeX and learn how to use it for complete documents.

    I use Word plus MathType myself, but I don't need to submit articles to journals or do professional-quality typesetting for other reasons.
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