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Documentary with Stephen Hawking, time dilation

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    Here (at ~3:50) they say if the ship reaches 99% of the speed of light, a single day on the ship = year on Earth. But it looks like it's going to be one week on Earth. http://cosmology.com/images/3TimeDilationTable1.jpg Is it just a simplification of some sort in the video?
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    I agree with you. At 0.99c, time dilation should only be a factor of seven (must...resist...Jeffrey...Hunter...impression). Even accounting for relativistic Doppler effects I only get a factor of 14.

    I make it that they need to travel at 0.999996c for a 1:365 ratio.

    I'm a little surprised at Hawking lending his name to something with such a straightforward error in it, so I suppose it's possible we're both misinterpreting the video somehow.
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