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Does anybody here play an instrument?

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    Does anybody here play an instrument? What kind is it (brand)? Or is anybody in any sort of arrangement or band? Personally I play acoustic guitar and electric bass...boy I love playing bass. I play bass all the time I cant get enough..although recently I hurt my hand in a football game so I cant exactly play because my ring finger is hurt. But I have a Fender Jazz Bass and i play it all the time and occassionally me and some friends will go out and jam to Led Zeppelin or Cream or whatever...I dont play acoustic as much, however. Its a Yamaha though, nice guitar, old guitar, a bit beat up as well. I also have a Fender 6 string telecaster I am trying to sell for a bit of money. What about anybody else here?
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    In high school I used to play tenor sax, I really liked it but had to quit when I moved to the city into an apartment. I also play a bit of guitar, I have an epiphone LP STD with a peavey delta blues amp, with school I really dont play that much anymore unfortunately.
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