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Does anybody watch the tv show Numb3rs?

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    I personally think it's an entertaining show, even if a lot of people have a problem with the math part for various reasons (though I see nothing wrong with it, the amount it's used or the applications of it). And every time I see it, it makes me want to switch my major from physics to math. :biggrin:
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    From our discussion of it last time, everything was wrong with it.
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    Sorry, didn't see the thread about it. Please lock this, in that case.

    edit: Though reading from the comments in that thread tells me people are pretty full of themselves. From what i've seen only two type of people hate this show: People who hate math, and people who think they're smarter than everyone on the planet.
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    Numb3rs is to mathematics as James Bond is to spy drama

    I am, however, a fan of Bond. But you should realize this is probably like Indiana Jones to archeologists, or James Bond to spies, or Independence Day to E.T.
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    I don't like the way that the show presents the math. The math itself may be fine, but the way they viewed it it was difficult to find out whether it was verifiable or not (the only thing they did was flash equations across the screen and leave it at that). It spent more time on the crime drama elements as well, instead of focusing on the mathematical applications (which was a disappointment imo).

    If anything, the show needed detailed explanations of the math involved, instead of just saying an application and flashing an equation without going thoroughly over it. Then again, the general public would not appreciate this and would switch channels...

    Don't get me wrong, I love math. I just think that the execution of the show was a little less than par.
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    I think the show's alright. I have to agree that the math aspect of it isn't that involved, but at least its showing the general public that math is useful and even Cool. Its just another interesting crime drama on tv. I think icebreaker has the right idea about why people don't like it. But i think we should appreciate the effort at least.
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    Well what I liked about the show isn't the technical aspect. If I wanted to learn about HUP i'd open a textbook, not go to a television show - and that's what I think people forgot. This isn't meant to teach you math. But what it does is show you what math can do (like Gale said, that math can be COOL), which I think is the coolest thing. I don't know if anyone saw the part where the math guy started talking about the golden ratio and why math is so important, but that's the philosophy I like about the show right there.. that's what makes me love math so much, and that's what the general public needs to learn about. A lot of people don't realize how powerful/useful math is (like the lady said "I thought math doesn't apply to the real world"), this show can help show them that's wrong. It's not meant to be an upper graduate level course, and that's what most people on here expected I think.
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    No, but i did expect not to perpetuate an outright falsehood about HUP, that had no connection to reality whatsoever. It was downright insulting.
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    I watched the first 20 mins of the show a week or two ago, and just did not like its overall style. I do like the message though: Math is useful, fun, good, etc; even though it isn't :smile:
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