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Does Anyone Else's College Suck?

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    I haven't been around here much in the past months due to work (construction), preparing to go to college, and getting situated at college. Now that I have spent a few weeks in the dorms and going to class I can honestly say that my college (UC Irvine) sucks. It is better than being at home, under the constant supervision of conservative parents, but "all in all" it is quite the disappointment. There is very little to do. Sure, I have gone to a few parties and gotten wasted but they weren't that great, I had gone to better parties in high school. What the hell gives? The campus empties on the weekends as most students (even those in the dorms) go home. On top of the pathetic quietness of my school, the classes are incredibly easy and astoundingly boring. Jesus Christ…. Anyone else disappointed with their college experiences?
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    I went to college at Weber State University, then Southern Oregon State College, then University of Nevada, Reno, then Boise State University, then Mesa community college. And if I learned anything it was that college is pretty much what you make of it. Quit *****in' about not having fun, and go out and have some fun. You are surrounded by 15,000 college kids don't tell me that you can't find something to do. You are surrounded by people from all over the world, try talking to them. Try going to the girl's dorm and getting laid.
    Classes are too easy? Take the CLEP tests and skip the easy classes. Sign up for something in the 300 or 400s.
    I know you are looking for someone to join in and complain about their school, but I gotta tell you I'd much rather go back to school than work everyday.
    If school is still so bad for you, quit. Don't bring everyone else down with your bad attitude. Go get yourself an exciting job as a roofer. Then you can write a post called "Does anyone else's job suck"
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    tribdog is absolutely right...college is much different then high school socially...give it some time, meet some people, you can have the best time of your life there with your independence but little responsibility (except for your school work)...

    btw trib...SOSC rocks! it is now SOU...
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    You're kidding me right? Ok there is so much to do in orange county it's pathetic. You got all the bars down in newport, you have a cultural area in laguna, disneyland, you can learn to surf, go pick up chicks at the beach(which is like 10 minutes from UCI). IF you have a car you can drive up to LA for clubs, and stuff. San diego is an hour from you, and Tiajuana is an hour and a half- big bear mountain is 3 hours, VEGAS is 4 hours. There are more hot women than you can trip over in a day.. Tell me when to stop here, because I can go on until I'm blue in the face. If you say there's nothing to do, then you must not have left your dorm room yet.
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    The classwork will get tougher. Most schools have "culling" courses. One course fresman year to scare off those who don't belong in the school, and one later to deter those who are in the wrong major. From reading your posts, I'm not at all suprised to see you had no problem with the former.

    Eventually, as you get deeper into your major, there will be opportunities to test yourself. Getting an 'A' might always be easy for you (I wish I had such troubles), but there are more challenges than getting good grades. I remember one history course that was disappointingly easy. I decided to take an opposing viewpoint to most of what the professor taught just to spice things up. One thing I learned, professors love spirited debate from students, provided the students don't win!

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    Well, my college, Furman, kind of sucked sometimes, but now I'm a graduate student at the University of Georgia, and this school freaking rocks. Well, it's probably better for guys than girls because it's about 70% girls here. About 85% of the girls are really hot, too.
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    Yeah, it did. I just wish I wouldn't have gotten kicked out of the dorms. What a beautiful town though. I don't think I've ever seen another town that was as clean. No litter anywhere. Say what you want about old hippies, but you can't say they don't take care of the environment. I also must say that I've never seen another town where the population gets cut in half after it rains, because so many people head out to pick mushrooms.
    They really turn Halloween into a fun holiday as well.
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    Don't expect college to be like Animal House.
    Do find some good friends and throw your own parties.
    Don't trudge through standard coursework.
    Do challange yourself.

    FWIW, I found college-life to be much improved once I left the dorms sophomore year and got an apartment. The social life was off-campus as much as it was on-campus.
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    The college I'm going to is a "community college" and it catches everybody by surprise because it's a very difficult school.

    Working 18 hours in the Math Lab and as a Physics tutor require me to make use of every spare hour.

    Believe me, I'm not bored!

    I'll be transferring to UGA pretty soon. I've heard about the famous male-female ratio and I heard they also have really pretty Indian girls there too :wink:

    But I really just want to get my degree (still, socialization isn't bad or anything).
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