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Does anyone have any good design/build instructions for a turbine and/or alternator?

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    3 phase alternator.

    any good links to*** is what I meant in the title
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    That's a pretty vague question. Could you be more precise?
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    Hmm, Not to sure on how to be precise about this? What more information would you guys like? lets go with low cost that puts out 20kW runnin at around 10000 - 15000 rpms or would there be a better type of alternator for this high of rpms?
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    Turbine being driven by what? What application?
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    EDIT: whoops read that wrong... lol

    Does it matter for the alternator?
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    I just need an alternator design, which I assume 3 phase would work best, and rough estimated size for 20kW output. Isnt it just 3 magnets rotating along three other things producing a sine current?

    I just dont know the specifics of it, like what the magnets rotate along and how to wire it all up. Or how to find out how much horsepower I would need from the turbine to turn it.
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    Is this device something you must create from scratch or can you adapt existing hardware?
    If you are willing to use existing hardware, used 3ph industrial motors are cheap. You can load them and use them as generators.
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    I can use existing hardware, I would prefer to build from scratch though as I like to know the in an outs of everything. Plus would it not be more inexpensive to build it myself?
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    I wouldn't think so.
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    The application would be to power whatever runs on electricity. Would 1 phase be best for this or 3 phase??
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