Does anyone have DVD recorder? Which format to buy: + or -?

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I recently bought DVD+ recorder, but someone said that there are more DVD- disks around. So, which format is better?

(I bought DVD+ because it is more "open" and more flexible for re-writing/editing format, and does not require "finalising" after which disk becomes un-rewritable.

Any one with DVD recording experience?
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Isn't it too late now?

You might end up with Buyers Remorse...

There are DVD burners available that can do either + or -, but I don't have one. Instead, I convert them to VCD and use a regular CD burner.
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There is no definitive answer to which format is better, as it ultimately depends on personal preference and the compatibility of the discs with your DVD recorder. However, it is true that DVD- discs are more widely available and may be easier to find in stores. DVD+ discs do have the advantage of being more flexible for re-writing and editing, as you mentioned. It's ultimately up to you to decide which format best fits your needs and usage. If you have already purchased a DVD+ recorder, you can always purchase DVD- discs online or at specialty stores if needed. It may also be helpful to do some research on the specific features and capabilities of your DVD+ recorder to see if it is compatible with both formats. Additionally, seeking advice from others with DVD recording experience can also be helpful in making a decision.

1. What is the difference between DVD formats + and -?

The main difference between DVD formats + and - is the way they record data on the disc. + uses a technique called "land pre-pit" which allows for more accurate control of the laser during recording, while - uses "wobbled groove" which is less precise but allows for more data to be stored on the disc.

2. Which DVD format is more widely compatible?

DVD format - is generally more widely compatible, as it is the standard format used in most DVD players and recorders. However, most modern devices are capable of reading both formats, so compatibility should not be a major concern.

3. Which DVD format is better for archiving data?

Both DVD formats are suitable for archiving data, as they both have large storage capacities and are designed for long-term data storage. However, + may be slightly more reliable due to its more precise recording technique.

4. Can I record on both DVD formats using the same recorder?

Yes, most modern DVD recorders are capable of recording on both DVD formats + and -, so you do not need to worry about compatibility when choosing a recorder.

5. Is there a significant difference in cost between the two DVD formats?

The cost of DVD formats + and - is generally very similar, so cost should not be a major factor in deciding which format to buy. However, the cost may vary depending on the specific brand and model of the DVD recorder you choose.

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