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Does anyone hear know anything about phhysics?

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    Does anyone hear know anything about phhysics???

    I am doing a report for physics and i need to know what a cosmic accelerator is. Anyone with any information or a website i can visit please let me know. Thank you
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    Well, there are cosmic rays, and there are particle accelerators. The term "cosmic accelerator," however, is new to me. Can you please provide a little more information about what you need to write about?

    - Warren
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    Unfortunatelty i can't find that wording to the question i am talking about. The question i have now is "Where do ultrahigh-energy particles come from?" here is link to a site i found. http://www.gearbits.com/archives/000613.html [Broken] So i guess we can frget about cosmic accelerator. Any help??? Thanks
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    Are you talking about the production of exotic particles by cosmic rays perhaps?
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    The website you want is google.com. Not only will you learn what a cosmic accelerator is, you'll learn how easy it is to learn about anything you're ever interested in learning about by using the internet.

    Have fun!
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    You might want to use a spell check on your posts.
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    High-energy cosmic rays have recently been shown near-simultaneous to particular supernova (accelerative) processes.
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    I typed "cosmic accelerator" into Google and got 188 sites. Here is a good one. http://www.sciencenews.org/articles/20020427/fob3.asp
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    In reply to the original question, what are cosmic rays?

    Well, the answer is.. many things, its a little bit of a vague concept. Usually we look for them by analyzing the electromagnetic trace they leave, which is why they were called that historically.

    We are being bombarded by all sorts of these 'things', thousands of them per every minute actually.

    Usually they are taken to be charged nuclei, indeed they can span the periodic table.. Things like alpha particles, protons etc. Most are just protons of course.

    They are produced by all sorts of high energy cosmic processes, but most seem to come from supernovae.
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    Thanks for all the help everybody. I could not for the life of me find anything on google but that link helped a lot. Sorry about the spelling. I was in Physics class and I was in a hurry before the teacher could catch me. LOL
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    Cosmic accelerator information

    :redface: for the one seeking information about cosmic accelerator ithink that here are good web sites...
    http://hep.fuw.edu.pl/neutrino/wyklad/wyklad2003/wyklad2.pdf [Broken]
    just check those web sites and check the if the information are what you are looking for
    best wishes
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