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Does anyone here believe in magic?

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    Who here believes in magic...and if you do what do you think it is like and how it works....give it a try....
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    some magic comes from degenerated science, and the original science happened to work. A classic example told by Vitruvius is "liver reading".
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    that depends on the type of magic you are referring to...
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    Indeed it does...
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    How about black magic??
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    ah, black magic... Please concrete. Ceremonial salomonic? vudu?
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    Isn't that missing the whole point? The basis of belief in magic is that the believers don't know....
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    I didn't follow you FZ......
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    Had to google for it so I could get the exact quote;

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    Interesting question.
    Let's analyze

    Vudu seems fun.

    Approach: resonance
    Analog to remote explosion by a mobile phone.
    (TNT + detonator + mobile phone):
    If you give the correct impulse (frequency code) -> explosion

    If you know (or feel) the frequency of let's say the membranes of 200 brain cells of someone and by frequency you overheat them so they collapse. What happens? Brain cells destroyed.
    Question: how to know the frequency and how to send the (harmonic) frequency.

    Shall we do a test?
    Any volunteer? ;-)
    We could also do this test with some politicians but maybe they have no brain cells :/
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    I meant that magic is based on the idea of supernatural systems. If anything is understood in terms of process and the magic is a real one, then it ceases to be supernatural. It is just new, physical science. It is no longer magic.

    mcleodnine: But that quote does not work the other way wrong. Any magic may not neccessarily be advanced technology. It could just be a trick.

    pelastration: I'll volounteer. I'll just burn out these cells watching TV anyways...
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    OK FZ+

    I will try to blow-up your TV-set.
    I prefer you keep your braincells in good shape! We need them.
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    then waht about the magic that kills people....for example in a type of black magic....the magician inserts pins in the doll made up of the cloth of the victim......the place where the pin is inserted leads to a gustof pain in the corresponding body part of the victim....
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    Re: magic.........

    Hi Stranger. I believe in the real magic, the magic of Merlin, where all is possible through intent and thought and energy. Actually, I don't really believe any more, I'm past that point of believe to knowing the real magic and on the brink of living the real magic. Whatever you think, you can create. It is a long journey of self and self discovery before finding the ability within you. There is all this stuff called a lifetime of conditioning between you and the awareness and perception of the real magic. But it is there inside each and every one of us. The possibilities are infinite.
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    Re: Re: magic.........

    Yeah it could take a lifetime...or you could just do lsd.
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    Re: Re: Re: magic.........

    Hi Alex. ThankYou for your reply. Yes, it could take a lifetime. In my experience, it took about 10 years, which may or may not seem like a lifetime, depending on one's perspective. 10 years is relatively a short period of time, yet in terms of personal growth, I feel like I've lived lifetimes in that period of time. Some have done LSD, I can't speak to it at all. I've never used it or drugs of any kind in my exploration. I guess it depends on what you are looking for and what kind of journey you want to take.
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    In other news... my TV has not yet exploded.

    Hence I conclude....

    It must be generating some sort of Anti-magic field. Wow!
  19. Apr 21, 2003 #18
    Did you ... very ....carefully ... watched?
    No even a small explosion?
    Maybe on one of the movies?


    PapaBeauCorp ... what could go wrong ...! Maybe ... DO YOU HAVE A QM CAT IN THE TV_BOX !!! That can explain everything.
  20. Apr 21, 2003 #19
    MAGIC just IS.
    It's everywhere, always.
    It's FREE.

    Everything is MAGIC ... as long as you are too lazy (or unable ... or unwilling) to explain it.

    Mind WIDE open.
    Quit anal-eyes-ing.

    And more.

  21. Apr 22, 2003 #20
    Explaination? Check: http://www.hollywood.org/cosmology. [Broken] (=16 pages)
    We are all connected.
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