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Does anyone here have a PhD?

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    I'm 17, and plan to get a PhD in something. Don't know what yet, japanese lingquistics (I'm pretty good at japanese), philopsy, mathematics, dunno.

    Well, how long does your thesis have to be? 20 pages?

    And is anyone here a surgery or neutroscientist? Anything in the medical field?

    Thanks. Just wnat some pointers
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    uhhh....any humanities-type doctorate is probably hundreds of pages long....

    Lets just put it this way, whether your thesis is 20 pages or as much as 2000 pages, you're going to spend 4-8 years on it no matter what field it is... unless its artsy crap.
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    Well, you can always check out the academic literatures/journals.
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    20?? that's the average master essay length. I've got a booklet here that is 120 pages long (the reference list is already 14 pages though :smile:)

    How is it that you plan to get a PhD in something, why?
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    Why do you want to get a ph.d?
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    looking at the responses here and those i have talke to i think Mr. Zappy zappy man Zed, selfadjoint(my 6th sense tells me), pervert (i guess it is not that but it has something to do with it.), astronuc (being a guru), adlrino (being reffered as a guru in the sig of astronuc), brewong(same as adlrino), fredgarvin(same), marlon(too complex posts), space tiger(very knowledgable posts altough not that complex), zoobyshoe(sixth sense), danger(seeing that s/he has loads of un-understandable by any 13 yr old posts and also being a matured man(atleast by age)).
    i guess i am not being that offensive here :biggrin:
    my mums phd has about 35,000 words (needs to be 80,000)
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    I think half of those people you named don't have phd's yet the ones you did name compose like, 10% of the doctorates on this forum lol
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    Perhaps you could be a linguist who is also an expert in the Japanese language, but there is no such field as Japanese Linguistics as far as I know; if there was, it wouldn't make sense for Japanese to refer to the Japanese language but perhaps to some particular school of thought, philosophy, theory, approach, or such. Linguistics is the scientific study of (human) language. It isn't about learning specific languages, though that usually does come with the territory. If you think you might be interested in studying linguistics, you can check out the Linguistic Society of America's http://www.lsadc.org/info/ling-faqs-whymajor.cfm [Broken] is another great place to start.
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    It is possible that one could do a PhD dissertation in 20 pages, e.g. with a dense mathematical proof. However, I believe most disseratations are at least several times that length - and probably 80+ pages, especially if one does experimental work.

    The PhD dissertation has a section on the background of the problem one is studying in order to demonstrate one's understanding of the field and state-of-the-art, one's problem, then one's research and solution/experiment, then recommendations for additional research, and finally conclusions.

    Here is a good summary - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PhD

    and for more details on a dissertation -


    :rofl: http://paul.merton.ox.ac.uk/education/dissertation.html [Broken]

    An example of a disseration - http://www.marietta.edu/~mcshaffd/phd/funcmore.html [Broken]

    First get a baccalaureate, then a Master's degree, then worry about a PhD.

    Finally, while I started and qualified for a PhD, but I left to get a job and support a family.
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    20 pages?

    You can maybe get a Bachelor's doing that, but I'm sure you'll have to do that several times, which adds up.

    It's all hard work. That's all I know.
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    Moonbear's in the neuroscientist field if I'm correct.

    Why would you want a Phd, because it sounds good? speaking of Phd my former marketing professor who has a Phd ONLY uses his title whenever a company/retail store pissed him off or when he'd write the state attorney general to complain. He'd talk to them and call himself Dr. B and "I want to talk to the president, etc..."
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    It only use?

    So, um... how did he get his job?

    Oh yeah, his PhD got him his job.

    Getting a PhD has its uses. Also, he's a Marketing Professor. :rolleyes:
  14. Dec 25, 2005 #13
    Bottomline: He's a very smart guy

    And the topic is about who has a Phd, this isn't about "marketing professor". So unless you've taken his class you can't make blanket statements like that.

    Now back to our regular programming
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    I dont have a PhD and hopefully wont need one :biggrin:

    (im hoping to get an MD oneday and have enough math and engineering background to sneak into biomedical engineering :tongue2: )
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    Isn't it obvious why you get a PhD? To get a better job? Heh
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    I think most people get a PHD because of an interest for that particular field. Sadly, a PHD is no guarantee of a job in this day and age. Again, it depends on the field, who you know and who wants/needs you.

    Why don't you check out some of the discussions in Academic and Career guidance that discuss this?
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    Well if EVERYONE got a PhD then they wouldn't mean much would they? This is why what you actually know and are capable of doing are as important as any piece of paper.
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    Dude, It's not worth it.
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    A lot depends on the field, but also on the person. If one wants to get a job in research or perhaps teach at a university, then one's chances are better with a PhD. Out in industry, the fact that one has a PhD might be a slight impediment, since a PhD might be viewed as expecting a higher salary.

    It also depends upon the person. Just being one of the top people in one's field is perhaps just as good and may be even better than just having a PhD.
  21. Dec 25, 2005 #20

    that sounds funny when you pronounce it\
    fyyy lop sie

    Being good in your field>just having a Ph.D

    I know this to be definitely true in engineering.
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