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Does anyone here play music?

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    Does anyone here play a musical instrument? For how long have you been playing and why?
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    Yes, since I was 8, because my mother made me :smile: Although if I ever get back into it I would want to compose music rather than just play it.
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    piano for about 2 years, guitar and bass guitar for a year

    used to mess with recording stuff since i was a little boy... was a disc jockey for 4 years in HS

    made my own electronica mixes for around 2-3 years in HS as well

    i dont really like "playing" music in terms of copying other peoples stuff though... i like making my own stuff
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    Cello for 2 years, learning mandolin, can play some guitar.
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    Trumpet, baritone and French horn (starting in HS) since about 3rd-4th grade. Guitar (rock and blues mostly) through my junior HS-HS years, including a LOT of earning power in college (frat parties mostly).
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    been playing piano for 1.5 years and guitar for 3 years. i'm mostly interested in folk and classical sounding music. a thing about music i find fascinating is sight reading. i am not excellent at it but i practice every day. the fact that you can just look at a piece and play it right away is amazing, my favorite baroque composer is bach. i also enjoy chopin
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    :rofl:Crystally clear.. I am practicing writing songs !

    I have been learning notes for years.
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    i'm also into blues/folk/classical.
  10. Jun 15, 2008 #9
    I learned to play the recorder in fourth grade, but didnt pursue it. Now I've been playing the guitar for about 8 months and just got accepted into a band! In fact, we had our first jam session yesterday!
  11. Jun 15, 2008 #10
    Classical and Flemanco Guitar for 2+ years. Piano and Violin more recently.
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    chaos, where did you grow up? Because we had to learn recorder in fourth grade as well.
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    Guitar and Piano - about 5 years (learned piano when I was real young, but never picked it up until I started playing guitar and learned scales and chords and could just improvise instead of reading music... I'm very slow at reading music, but I believe in tonal centers, you can do whatever you want in between them.)

    I haven't played solid for two years now, but I miss it. Trying to get going on it again starting tomorrow actually. Got an old 16 track recorder, a friend that plays bass, and a small collection of emotional stress to outlet.

    Edit: Styles:

    When I first started, I didn't want a genre or a style (generic feeling for someone who writes/improvs their own music probably). But I identified (without any real training) with classical, blues, flamenco, and classic rock. I started to get into harder rock and metal before I took up physics (at which point I gradually lost touch with my guitar).

    On piano I play dirges and lots of harmonic minor stuff.
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  14. Jun 16, 2008 #13
    I was in Romania in fourth grade (The American School of Bucharest), what about you?
  15. Jun 16, 2008 #14
    Me too, except I really started playing once I got into college. I wasn't as serious about it in school.
  16. Jun 16, 2008 #15
    guitar 3 years, violin 9 years and piano off and on for about 6 years but not very good, bass guitar about 6 months.
  17. Jun 16, 2008 #16
    Podunk little meth capital, Farmington, New Mexico 87401. Interesting, it must be fairly standard
  18. Jun 17, 2008 #17
    Yeah, just may be. It would really be something to meet someone from any one of my schools though...
  19. Jun 17, 2008 #18
    Were your parents diplomats or something like that?
  20. Jun 18, 2008 #19
    No. My dad's got a job as the ceo of temco in romania. We shifted there and after a year he didnt like the education there, so I got bumped to boarding which was too far for him so again I was sent to budapest, Hungary for two years, then again a year in romania and then finally Ive been in India for the last four years...
  21. Jun 18, 2008 #20
    Wow. Some people get to grow up in the coolest places. (I mean, even if its not the coolest, its different, so you get a different perspective.)
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