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Does anyone know anything about Spacemaster Erasmus Mundus program?

  1. Jul 11, 2013 #1
    I am interested in applying to this program: http://spacemaster.eu/
    and was wondering if anyone knows more about it. I am an American studying physics at a top research university. I didn't see many Americans among the students in the program and was wondering if they don't take many Americans or just don't get that many applicants. In other words, will being an American be advantageous? I am also curious about what they are looking for in a candidate. My gpa is not super high (around 3.6) but I have a ton of experience in both research (in physics) and engineering. I also expect to get good rec letters. What are my chances of getting in? How competitive is it?

    Also it looks like some students are accepted without funding. Can I just go and pay for everything myself? Are there any other sources of funding I can apply for?

    Are there any programs similar to this one? I am looking for an abroad experience in space physics/engineering.

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