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Does anyone know how an object would be effected if it surpassed the speed of light?

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    Just curious see if anyone would know exactly or have any ideas on what would happen if an object were to travel faster than the speed of light. I've asked my physics teacher but he didnt know so I figured i would ask a larger audience. So here it goes...
    If an object were to some how travel faster than the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) how would the object be effected? Would the average human eye be able to see it or would it look like it was just standing still? What about if some kind of aircraft carrying people were to reach speeds surpassing the speed of light, how would the humans inside be effected?
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    Re: Does anyone know how an object would be effected if it surpassed the speed of lig

    It's good to see young people take an interest in science. However, a question like this is basically asking, "What do the laws of physics say would happen if the laws of physics were not true?" Hopefully you can see the logical contradiction in trying to answer or discuss that.

    As such, the question is outside the realm of this forum; our primary goal is to teach and discuss currently accepted science. Questions about what happens as an object approaches the speed of light are certainly fair game.

    Thanks for your interest, and good luck with your physics course.
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