Does anyone know how to use the Maple Software?

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    The instructions for the attached hw instructs us to use maple for both problems. I really don't know how to use it. I've never really used it. Can someone help please?

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    Everything you need should be in Maple's online help files. Look up series and plot and so on.

    - Warren
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    am i doing #1 right?

    I'm still a bit confused of how to do legendre polynomials. For #1, I have to expand the function sin(x) in a series of legendre polynomials Pn(x) on the interval x E [-1,1]. Would I do this like the taylor series, x-x^3/3!+x^5/5!-x^7/7!+...

    So would P0(x) be x, P1(x)=x^3/3!, P2(x)=x^5/5!, P3(x)=x^7/7!

    Still don't know how to plot it..
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    Can someone help

    Can someone please help me? I tried #1. Is it right? Am I on the right track?
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